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Geek Kids Review: Fleeced and Carcassonne Board Games!

by Dave Elliott

Wallace & Gromit’s Fleeced the Board Game

Fleeced Board Game

Fleeced Board Game

This is quite a novel and fun game.  The premise of the game is for players to rustle sheep from a central area back to their own home, the sheep having first been “found” in various locations on the board.  Players move around the board using a combination of cards and dice.

The age rating of 8+  is about right.  I think younger players would find the concept of stealing each-others sheep a little too frustrating.

One problem with it is that there do seem to be times during the game, where players cannot do much except mill around, waiting for the right combination of cards and dice rolls to occur, in order to free more sheep, and also, it’s much too easy to steal each other’s sheep, which can result in stalemate, but overall, great fun and very nice quality.

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8/10 – novel and fun game.

Carcassonne Board Game

Carcassonne Board Game

Carcassonne Board Game

This is a brilliant game and it deserves to become a classic.

Players take turns to lay beautifully illustrated tiles with parts of a road, town, monastery etc, which must match up with tiles already laid (road to road, town to town etc).  Players gain points by claiming the various features on the map, once they are completed.

The rules are very easy to learn.

It’s highly strategic and great fun for children and adults alike.

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9/10 – Brilliant game! Deserves to become a classic.

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