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GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Drama

by Dave Elliott

The 3rd category we’re announcing in the GeekTown Awards is Best TV Show – Drama!

Lights, camera… and action!

  •  7th – Strike Back – Sky 1
  • 6th – Boardwalk Empire – Sky Atlantic
  • 5th – Person Of Interest – Channel 5
  • 4th – Sons Of Anarchy – 5USA

3rd (Bronze Award) – Dexter – Fox UK

Dexter’s ‘dark passenger’ may only have one more season after this to reach his destination, but the popularity of the ‘serial killer with a code’ is showing no signs of waning. Given the cliff-hanger end to season 6, it’s going to be really interesting to see how Dexter copes with the new reality of his situation (trying to be as spoiler free as possible for those that haven’t caught the show yet!)

The penultimate season of Dexter airs on Fox UK – 24th Feb 2013 at 9pm

2nd (Silver Award) – Homeland – Channel 4

Having recently completed season 2, Homeland has been making waves both sides of the Atlantic. After U.S. Marine Nicholas Brody is rescued during a raid on a terrorist compound, he’s returned home a hero to his wife and family, who thought him dead when he went MIA 8 years earlier. However, CIA officer Carrie Mathison is not so sure he’s the hero everyone makes out, after being tipped off that an American POW had been turned by the terrorist group… If you like your dramas with a lot of plot twists and tense situations, Homeland is definitely one to catch up on!

Expect Homeland, Season 3 to appear on Channel 4 – Autumn 2013

1st (Gold Award) – Sherlock – BBC1

From the opening minutes of Season 1, you knew Sherlock was going to be something special. This brilliant update on the Sherlock Holmes story, sees Steven Moffat pick up his 2nd Gold GeekTown Award. Wonderfully written by Moffat and Mark Gatiss, they breath new life into classic Conan Doyle stories, giving them a modern, slick feel, whilst maintaining the essence of the original plots. And the actors impressed director Peter Jackson so much, both Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman) have spent the past few years in New Zealand working on his Hobbit trilogy (hence the delay in a 3rd Sherlock season).

Sherlock, Series 3 will be on our screens – Late 2013

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