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GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Fantasy/Supernatural

by Dave Elliott

For the next GeekTown Award Winner, we delve into the dark and spooky world of fantasy and the supernatural… This was a really hard-fought category, and as you can see by the results, there really wasn’t much to pick between the shows!

Stakes and holy water at the ready…

  • 5th – Being Human – BBC3
  • 4th (joint) – Grimm – Watch
  • 4th (joint) – Once Upon A Time – Channel 5
  • 4th (joint) – True Blood – Fox UK

3rd (Bronze) – Supernatural – Sky Living

Currently in it’s 8th season, and still going strong, Supernatural is a huge favorite here at GeekTown, and we’re so glad it in the top 3. Supernatural follows the story of  monster hunting brothers Sam & Dean Winchester, as they deal with ghosts, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons and the occasional god! What started as a ‘monster of the week’ show has transformed into an epic battle between heaven and hell, with the Earth (and the Winchester boys) firmly stuck in the middle of the mayhem!

Given it’s popularity, it’s such a shame it’s treated so badly by it’s UK airing channel, who year-on-year push it further back in the schedules, to the point that we’re now running almost 12 months behind the US… It’s a weird scheduling decision by Sky Living for a show that clearly has a very active fan base out there…

Supernatural, Season 8 will air on Sky Living in the Summer 2013

1st (Joint Gold) – The Walking Dead – Fox UK / Game Of Thrones – Sky Atlantic


Throughout the entire voting process, two shows were clearly in a head-to-head battle for the top spot. Just as one would slightly pull ahead, the other would catch up and over take… They’ve been neck-and-neck pretty much since day one. But when the final voting closed, both The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones were dead level, so both share the gold award.

One is the tale of a band of survivors coping in a post zombie apocalypse world. The other an epic tale of war, sex, greed and corruption in the land of Westeros, as the great houses of the land battle to be the one to sit on The Iron Throne. In the end, even all the armies of Westeros struggled to hold back a zombie horde!

The Walking Dead returns for part 2 of season 3 on Fox UK on 15th Feb 2013 at 10pm

Game Of Thrones, Season 3 airs on Sky Atlantic – 1st April 2013 at 9pm


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