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Be Part of the Mobile Gaming Boom

by Dave Elliott


Once upon a time, gaming meant visiting a bricks and mortar casino. The advent of the internet revolutionised the gaming world and meant that you could now play to your heart’s content from the comfort of your home. Now, there is another, just as significant a change taking place in the industry. The huge recent boom in mobile gaming allows you to play your favourite game on the move, wherever you may be.

It doesn’t take too much consideration to understand why mobile gaming is commanding an increasingly large share of the market. Over the last few years, sales of smart phones and more recently tablets have skyrocketed. Not only that, but they are becoming ever more sophisticated, convenient, cheap and easy to use.

In most big cities, the idea of not being able to access any information or website of your choosing is simply unthinkable. It has simply never been easier to connect to your favourite gaming site and play. As a result, it is estimated that the market for mobile gaming will be worth an enormous £6.3 billion by 2014. In other words, mobile gaming is expected to grow and grow over the coming years.

This means that gaming sites and online casinos are already scrambling to become the market leader in mobile gaming and to reap the rewards of big traffic. At present, the typical selection of mobile casino games provided by an online casino does not reflect the entire suite of games available at their site. Nonetheless, there is still a great range of games to enjoy.

William Hill mobile apps

For example, at William Hill Vegas, one of the market leaders, you are able to play some of the very best online slots around. Games such as Gold Rush are not only top of the range productions, but they also offer some of the most lucrative prizes available online. Most mobile casino services also offer a selection of scratch card games in addition to casino classics such as various versions of Roulette and Blackjack.

However, you can be sure that as time progresses, the range of games and their functionality will get better and better. After all, there is a big pot of online traffic just waiting to be tapped into through mobile gaming. If it hasn’t quite yet arrived with a bang, mobile play is unquestionably the future of the gaming industry.

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