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Primeval: New World Goes Extinct

by Dave Elliott
Primeval: New World Cancelled

Primeval: New World Cancelled

This is kinda sad news, Primeval: New World has been cancelled by Canadian channel Space due to failing ratings.

Primeval: New World is currently airing on Watch over here, and I’m enjoying it, but it’s not really a ‘must watch’ show… The story has been frustratingly slow to get going, and I think they could have found a way of pulling in a bit more of the tech from the original UK show to help shove things along.

There was a good set of characters in there fighting to get out, but the stories needed a bit more of the variety that the UK show offered.

Primeval: New World starred Niall Matter as inventor Evan Cross, who sets up a team to hunt down anomalies after encountering one 6 years earlier leads to his first dino encounter and his wife’s death/going missing.

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