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Come see real Superheroes, at the Huawei Superpowers Symposium in London!

by Dave Elliott
Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign coming to Huawei Superpowers Symposium in London!

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign

Seattle’s fearsome street-and-rooftop warrior, Phoenix Jones, and his spandex-clad sidekick, Purple Reign, will take centre stage at the unprecedented one-day event, with academic lectures, documentary screenings and public debates designed to shine a light on the world of the urban crime-fighter. Many US cities have resident superheroes, and far from being a joke, their exploits often place them in conflict with both the underworld and the authorities.

The Superhero Symposium also includes the chance for visitors to test their own special powers with a range of interactive exhibits – and to equip themselves with merchandise from New York’s famous Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co, where particle guns and vapour-blasters come as standard, and antimatter is available in five-litre cans.

Aside from all the sci-fi action you can shake a cosmic thruster at, the event, organised to celebrate the launch of the world’s fastest smartphone, the Huawei Ascend P2, will investigate the role of the superhero in modern society, the differences between amateur law-enforcers and vigilantes, and the role of technology in fighting crime.

The Huawei Superpowers Symposium will be open to visitors from:

11:30am–10:30pm on Wednesday, 10th July 2013.

To reserve a place, please RSVP: [email protected]

The programme is as follows:

  • Superfood for superpowers: Dr Morgaine Gaye invites you to learn how we are developing the superfoods of the future and what we might be eating to take us closer towards being superhuman. [12:00]
  • Real-life superheroes through the lens: Photographer Peter Tangen captures these anonymous crusaders on camera, a revealing insight into a small but growing band. [1:30 – 2pm; 8 – 8:30pm]
  • Real-life superheroes in modern society: Dr. Gavin Weston of Goldsmiths, University of London, leads a special seminar exploring who the new superheroes are, why they exist – and whether there is a place in society for them. [7:45pm]
  • Five superpowers that will be real in our lifetime: Discover how real-life scientific advancements could turn ordinary people into real-life superheroes – and what technology can offer. [1pm; 6:15pm]
  • The history of real-life superheroes: Real-life superheroes Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign present a look at the history of the movement and its shared goal – to bring justice to those that would harm others. [2:30pm; 7pm]
  • HBO Superheroes screening: An extraordinary new documentary by Michael Barnett, seen for the first time ever [4pm; 9pm]
  • Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company: Pop by the Superpowers shop and purchase your very own Superhero merchandise. [11:30am – 10:30pm]

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