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5 Iconic Cars In Video Gaming

by Dave Elliott

With movies such as Fast & Furious 6 doing so well in cinemas right now, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some iconic cars from our other great love – video games! I’ve avoided putting in cars from a lot of racing car games, or the GTA series, as it’s rare for one car to stand out from the huge range you have to play with. I’ve rather focused on individual cars that play a major part in a particular game!

5. Outrun – Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

Ahh, yes. The classic 1986 arcade game from Sega… This makes my list, due to Outrun evoking memories for me of trips various sea side resorts as a child. The Ferrari Testarossa is the only genuine car in my list, although it may as we be have been fictional given the chances I’d ever have of owning one.

Not only is the Testarossa a classic car in it’s own right, but it’s the central part of a classic, award winning, video game series, which became one of the best-selling games of all time. It has of course made appearances in other video games since, but Outrun was the one that really put the car centre stage.

4. Spy Hunter – G-6155 Interceptor

G-6155 Interceptor

G-6155 Interceptor

Another game from my youth. Spy Hunter’s G-6155 Interceptor was the fictional car that every kid in 1983 wanted… As the title suggests, the object of this 2D top-down scroller was to hunt spys in your supercar, by blowing them off the road, whilst protecting innocent civillians… mostly…

The car came with machine guns, but with the help of the occasional ‘Weapons Truck’, you could add on things link smoke screens, oil slicks, or even missiles!

My memories of Spy Hunter was that it wasn’t the easiest game in the world, however, when you ‘died’ you got a new G-6155 Interceptor delivered to you from the back of a truck, all shiny and new! Bargin! :D

3. Half-Life 2 – Buggy/Scout Car

Half-Life 2 Buggy

Half-Life 2 Buggy

As we’re still wait for Half-Life 3 to make an appearance (get a move on Gabe!), we can reminisce about the only vehicle to appear in HL2’s main game. It was a one-seater dune buggy type affair which sped you along the coast road named ‘Highway 17’ to reach Nova Prospekt.

Additional features include the energy beam shooting ‘Tau Cannon’, and the ‘AGGHH i’m going to die!’ turbo boost, which was great if you wanted to go in a straight line, but if you hit anything, or needed to control direction, you where screwed.

2. Halo – Warthog

Halo's Warthog

Halo’s Warthog

The ‘Warthog‘, or M12 Force Application Vehicle, to give it it’s proper title, is probably the most well know of the Halo vehicles. It’s a ATV designed for use by a fast, jeep-type unit, allowing infantry to get around the field of battle with ease.

Unlike some of the other gaming cars in this list, it actually controlled pretty well. Comes with space for 3 people (driver, gunner, and passenger), and has a M41 chain gun mounted on the back, that can rip through the nearest Covenant person or vehicle with ease! The Warthog has actually been so popular, that a number of people have actually built real-life versions of it!

1. Star Wars Galaxies – X-34 Landspeeder

SWG's X-34 Landspeeder

SWG’s X-34 Landspeeder

Okay, okay… I know it doesn’t have wheels, but it is to all intent and purpose the ‘car’ of the Star Wars universe. As it grew, Star Wars Galaxies added a number of Landspeeders, but the classic X-34 was the one that most players had tucked away… Even if they didn’t use it all that much…

The main mode of travel for a lot of people in game were Speeder Bikes, but the Landspeeders had the advantage that you could carry your mates along with you. The x-34 model wasn’t very fast, but, it was great for cruising around Naboo in, or for a leisurely shopping trip between the player-made towns on Tatooine. Plus it looked cool! The X-34 Landspeeder was of course, the model Luke sold to fund their escape on the Millennium Falcon. You can keep your ‘slicker’ XP-38 models. For me, the X-34 will always be top!

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