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3 online games you should try

by Dave Elliott

With the recent surge in popularity of online games across the globe, there’s no better time to get involved. Whether its strategy, shooters or RPGs, the online gaming community is thriving and gaining a reputation as a new form of social entertainment.

Below are three of the top online games available today – but be warned, a reliable and fast internet connection is an essential technical requirement for the smooth running of these games. Thankfully broadband deals are mercifully inexpensive these days.


DayZ is perhaps one of the greatest additions to the zombie survival horror genre ever made. Originally surfacing as a mod of Arma 2, its huge popularity prompted the game’s developers to create a standalone version which will be available in the coming months. Day Z blends intense first person gunplay with survival aspects and base building in a giant open world sandbox.

Picture the scene: you wake up on a strange island in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with nothing but your wits to help you survive. The undead roam freely but they’re not your only worry; bandits will stop at nothing to get the supplies they need, even if it means killing other survivors. Your one goal: survive and hope that one day they’ll find a cure.

Defense of the Ancients 2

DotA 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Valve Corporation. With strategy and RPG elements, this game involves developing your chosen character to wage intense, real-time, team-based battles online.

Though it has a steep learning curve, you will be truly rewarded for your efforts with intricate gameplay and a strong gaming community. In this fantasy world of serpentine monsters and hefty ogres, test your wits against the online gaming world and emerge victorious from the battlefield.


The Battlefield franchise developed by Dice is arguably one of the best team-based first-person shooters (FPS) on the market. With Battlefield 4 right around the corner, you can now pick up a copy of Battlefield 3 for next to nothing.

With vast maps and insane graphical fidelity supplied by the Frostbite engine, all of the iterations of the Battlefield franchise share unparalleled levels of destruction and some of the smoothest and most rewarding gunplay of any FPS out there. With Battlefield 3, Dice achieved a subtle balance between realism and engaging gameplay that is sure to convert any FPS-lover to the Battlefield community.

So there you have it, the top three online games that are sure to have you glued to your screen for even longer than you normally are. Just make sure your computer has the right technical requirements before making a purchase in order to avoid disappointment. And remember, a good broadband connection is essential. Happy gaming!

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