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Battlefield 4 – Raising the Bar one Round at a Time

by Jason Smith

New video games are released almost every single day, and only the die-hard fans take notice, although every once in awhile, a game will come along that takes the world by storm. These are the games that lift the gaming bar up a few notches, and become the molds that other game developers hope to achieve. Take Half-Life 2 for example, that showed us that first person shooters had so much more to offer than simply running around spraying and praying at everything that moved. I believe that 2013 is the year that gives birth to a game that will completely change the way we look at gaming, bringing about with it a whole new dimension of game dynamics in the process. I refer, of course, to the brilliance that is DICE’s Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 recently went into its open beta phase, and with it, a whole new level of environmental interaction was introduced. Picture the scene, the tranquil map of Paracel Storm, based off of the Paracel Islands on the South China Sea. The battle begins with a great focus on naval warfare, seeing as the waters are so calm. Although, as the round progresses, an air raid siren can sometimes be heard, warning the players of an incoming tropical storm. The heavens begin to open, causing the once calm oceans to develop rolling waves. This, of course, changes the whole gameplay style mid-round, forcing the warfare to retreat to dry ground. After some time, the seas will become so rough that a Destroyer Warship will crash into one of the many islands, leaving in its wake, the rubble of broken down buildings. The anti-aircraft turrets, mounted on the deck of the Destroyer, then become available as a Commander Asset, accessible by the commander through any mobile tablet connected to a live game server. This next generation team play experience allows you to spend your free time to win a war. The Destroyer also makes for some newly formed cover, adding a stealthy element to infantry battles.

Although Battlefield 4 has many breathtakingly massive in-game events that alter the style and strategy of the battle, they have not forgotten about the smaller, although equally awesome, features that help make the game into the masterpiece that it is. Feel like taking a quick breather, no worries, hop into the elevator with your squad and relax to some classic elevator music as you ascend to the eighteenth floor of the skyscraper, where the battle continues. Just hope that no pesky tank blows up the four main points of the skyscraper, causing the entire building to collapse into a massive pile of rubble, taking down with it anyone still trapped inside…

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