Once Upon A Time Dropped by Channel 5…

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17 Dec 13
Once Upon a Time Dumped by Channel 5

Once Upon a Time Dumped by Channel 5

The folk over a DS are reporting that Once Upon A Time, has been unceremoniously dumped by it’s UK broadcaster Channel 5.

The quote they gave was “Channel 5 has not picked up the rights for the next series. At the moment we’re not intending to pick up the show”, which is not dissimilar to the quote we had from Sky Living when they dropped Teen Wolf… another US show yet to re-emerge on UK screens.

No further information on why Channel 5 made the decision to drop Once Upon A Time. I can only assume the price they were asked to pay this time outweighed the audience it was pulling in.

Part 1 of the 3rd season of Once Upon A Time has just finished airing on ABC in the US, with part 2 due in March 2014.