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Geektown Awards: Winner – Best Movie of 2013

by Dave Elliott

Stepping away from the small screen for a moment, we come to our Best Movie of 2013 category. 2013 was a great year for film, but from our shortlist, this is how you rated them…

In 5th place it’s Man of Steel, which saw Henry Cavill don the red and blue suit for the first, but not last time. 4th place went to Thor: The Dark World, somewhat ironic that a film which features a hammer that can only be lifted by a god, should be beaten by Gravity, which takes the 3rd place slot. It’s another entry for Marvel at number 2 with Iron Man 3, but even he couldn’t stop the juggernaut that was…

Winner: Star Trek Into Darkness

If you consider just a few years ago, Star Trek was in a very dark place, it’s amazing to see how JJ Abrams managed to pull off the near impossible, by reinvigorating the franchise and bringing it to a new audience without alienating existing fans. Whilst the 2nd movie may not be quite as good as the first, it does have the addition of the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch as… well, I won’t say, just in case you haven’t watched it yet. ;) JJ may have taken a trip to a galaxy far far away meaning he won’t be directing the 3rd outing of the Enterprise, but he’ll still be there behind the scenes, and I’ll be very interested to see where the franchise goes next.

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