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Geektown Awards: Winner – Best Game of 2013 & Most Anticipated Game of 2014

by Dave Elliott

The next 2 awards move into gaming, with the last award to look back at 2013, and the first to look forward into this new year…

Geektown Awards – Best Game of 2013

2013 has been an excellent year for gaming, with 5th place going to Bioshock Infinite, the 3rd game in the Bioshock franchise, which took the player into a city in the clouds. In 4th place you voted The Last Of Us, a quite brilliant story of a man and a young girl finding their way through a post-apocalyptic world. 3rd place went to the stunning return of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Resetting the franchise, and completely retooling the gameplay, Crystal Dynamics managed to completely revitalize the franchise. 2nd place was taken by Batman: Arkham Origins. Possibly not the best of the Arkham games, but as a huge Batman fan, I’m still happy to see it in the top 5, however there really was only one game that could possibly take the top spot this year…

Winner: Grand Theft Auto V

Set in the fictional city of Los Santos (based on LA), GTA V to all Rockstar had learned from the previous GTA games and distilled it down into something quite wonderful. A massive open world to explore with a superb mix of weird, narcissistic, and it some cases, downright disturbing characters. No, it’s not faultless. I would have liked a lot more heists, and it’s fair to say they dropped the ball with the online play, but the single player was a joy to play through, and beautiful to look at.

Geektown Awards – Most Anticipated Game of 2014

So onto the first of our look forward to the new year, with the Most Anticipated Game of 2014. 5th place goes to Beyond Good And Evil 2, the follow up to Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed 2003 game. 4th place goes jointly to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the 3rd game in Bioware’s epic RPG franchise, and survival horror game The Evil Within from Japanese studio Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. 3rd place is taken by The Elder Scrolls: Online, again from Bethesda, which sees them taking their hugely successful RPG franchise, and adding MMO to the start of it. 2nd place is another win for Ubisoft, with their new open-world game Watch Dogs, which sees you playing a hacker trying to beat the system in a fictionalized version of Chicago. However, the winner goes to a franchise we all know and love…

Winner: The Sims 4

Due for release in late 2014, the game that lets you take control of the lives of your sim-puppets, building them homes to live in, helping them fall in love, have families, find a job… Or you know… put them in a room, remove the door, and watch them freak out. The choice is yours! ;)

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