Geektown Podcast 22: Reaper Director Phillip Shih

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05 Oct 14
Philip Shih - Director

Philip Shih – Director

In this week’s podcast we got to talk to Director Philip Shih about his new slasher flick REAPER, starring Danny Trejo (Machete Kills, TV’s Sons Of Anarchy) and Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock, X-Men: The Last Stand, TV’s Elementary).

This inventive slasher that follows a death row inmate who survives execution and returns as a supernatural force known as Reaper. Descending on an isolated hotel which happens to be the meeting place of some very dangerous players, the Reaper’s thirst for blood is only matched by one wily girl’s thirst for survival.

Geektown Podcast 22: Reaper Director Phillip Shih

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