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New Flash trailer showing more Villains & Mark Hamill’s Trickster!

by Dave Elliott


If you’ve been listening to our Geektown Radio podcast, you know how much we love Arrow & Flash, but this latest trailer adds something else we love. The man, the legend, Mr. Mark Hamill, returning to the role, which arguably was a stepping stone to him being the definitive voice of Joker…

Back in the 90’s there was another Flash TV series starring John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen/Flash, who now plays Barry’s dad Henry Allen in the 2015 show… See what they did there. ;) That show also featured Mark Hamill (video below) as The Trickster, who then went on to voice Joker in the Batman Animated Series and Arkham games. Now they’re bringing Hamill back as The Trickster, but this older version has been locked up for some time, and is none to please when a young upstart (played by Devon Graye – teen Dexter in Dexter) appears on the scene who appears to be stealing his shtick…

The trailer also shows the return of Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, the introduction of Golden Glider, also some time travelling antics for the scarlet speedster…

Flash airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on Sky One.


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