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Daredevil Returning To Netflix in 2016!

by Dave Elliott

Only yesterday we were talking about Daredevil on Geektown Radio, and I’d said how we may have to wait a while for a 2nd season… And the next day, Marvel go and announce that Netflix have commissioned a 2nd season for 2016! Have to say, we LOVE Daredevil, and I’m over the moon that we’re getting a 2nd season so soon, but this did come as a bit of a surprise. Marvel seemed to have a very fixed plan in place for the Netflix shows… 13 x Daredevil, 13 x A.K.A. Jessica Jones, 13 x Luke Cage, 13 x Iron Fist and 8 x The Defenders… And I didn’t think they’d shift from that, as I suspect that the tv shows will tie back into the films. Although, they did shuffle the movies around to crowbar in a Spidey flick, so that does show there maybe a certain amount of flexibility in their roadmap.

The plan was to have Daredevil and A.K.A. Jessica Jones this year, with Luke Cage & Iron Fist in 2016, and The Defenders in 2017. It’s not clear if this now means we’ll get Luke Cage, Iron Fist AND Daredevil Season 2 in 2016, or if DD will bump one of the others into 2017.

However they do it, it’ll be with a new show-runner, as Steven S. DeKnight has had to step down due to the new show time clashing with existing commitments. Doug Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story) and Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy), who both worked on Season 1, will take over the show-runner reigns, with Drew Goddard (Angel, The Cabin in the Woods), and Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s top TV guy and comic book master) continuing as Executive Producers.

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