Geektown Radio : Episode 14 – UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

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21 Apr 15
Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

We’re a little bit late this week, but we’re back with our 14th Geektown Radio, bringing you more TV & Film News from the last 7 days. In this week’s show:

  • Chat about recent tv including a full chat about DAREDEVIL (WARNING: Some minor spoilers), FORTITUDE (again spoilers!),  RESIDUE,  and ARROW.
  • The latest tv & film news including the Batman v Superman trailer, that awesome Star Wars trailer, the state of CASTLE Season 8Constantine Season 2, and the Marvel Spin Offs.
  • Answer your questions in the Q&A (if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!)
  • As always, we bring you all the latest tv air date info, and a look forward to tv in the next 7 days.

Show Notes:

The Batman v Superman trailer

Our breakdown of Star Wars trailer

For all the latest uk tv premiere information, check out the UK Air Dates page here.

Geektown Radio : Episode 14

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