by Dave Elliott
Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien

There was plenty of great entertainment, news, gossip and previews to take away from this year’s awesome San Diego Comic-Con event. Of course it also meant there were plenty of after parties to pick from where the fun would continue. After each day during the event, which took place from the Wednesday to the Saturday, late night chat show host Conan O’Brien was on hand to provide his specially selected guests with a special game of bingo.

The TBS star was in town to host his popular late night self titled chat show directly from the huge event. Spreckels Theatre was the venue and each night saw a cool line-up of guests from TV and film that included actors Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson from ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, the new ‘Doctor Who’ Peter Capaldi, the cast of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and heaps of stars from both hit TV shows ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. Of course each guest was met with uproarious cheers from the enthusiastic audience all there to hopefully catch sight of their favourite actor or cast member.

But as great as the special live episodes direct from Comic-Con were the real highlight had to where Conan’s special exclusive after hour’s bingo tournament, which was by invitation only for a special selection of super fans. Those lucky enough to attend were treated to a great night of fun and entertainment with Conan managing to make bingo that little bit cool once more. The event was hosted in downtown San Diego and even featured guests from that each night’s live chat show as an extra special treat for attendees.

Conan O’Brien & Peter Capaldi

Conan O’Brien & Peter Capaldi

The guests were plastered with free alcohol and were kept entertained by the special backup dancers labelled as the “Conads”. The actual bingo game itself was interspersed with a number of sights and happenings that are not really that common in a typical bingo hall filled with elderly relatives. Wednesday’s match for instance included karaoke intermissions which were filled lovingly with plenty of cursing as well as a special dance-off contest.

Whilst Conan’s special after party bingo may have been exactly what Comic-Con fans and guests were looking for it may have been a little rowdy and raucous for players used to a more civilised game of bingo. To get involved in the more established aspects of the game you can always rely on the likes of landmarkbingo.co.uk as well as other notable online bingo operators to enjoy some of the more traditional bingo action.

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