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Stop The Press: Whacky Headlines About To Sweep The Nation

by Dave Elliott
World War 2 Bomber Found on Moon

World War 2 Bomber Found on Moon

World War 2 Bomber Found On Moon, Porn star sues over rear-end collision; a burger is one of your five a day. All quite unbelievable headlines, but it’s only the latter which is fake, plucked from a new headline generator producing some pretty wild stories.

The Ladbrokes Lingo Bingo generator is making a mockery of the over-the-top headlines featured on the likes of The Daily Mail, and of course the internet which is now providing a masterclass in clickbaiting.

It is no surprise that the biggest culprits of these are giants Buzzfeed and social sharing sites like Facebook and Reddit, plaguing us with ridiculously over the top posts in a bid to get clicks, likes and votes.

Ladbrokes’ Lingo Bingo generator is taking a stand against these outsized headlines. Lingo Bingo is a headline generator which, unlike past generators, allows users to select from five titles, as well as the option of using a random generator. Users can choose from generating Facebook, Daily Mail, Hollywood, Reddit and Buzzfeed titles. The posts produced are just as ridiculous and outlandish as the real titles, making it an excellent way of those fed up with the typical OTT headline to poke fun at their creators.

Batman Vs Aquaman Vs Superman

Batman Vs Aquaman Vs Superman

It’s time to read Buzzfeed’s guide to picking your nose like a pro, and Reddit’s ‘I wouldn’t even bother reading this. It’ll be on Buzzfeed soon anyway.’

But not only those, Lingo Bingo has dozens of pre-made headlines; however users also have the option of suggesting their own posts. This is a great outlet for those who have seen too many ‘full time mummy’ statuses, heard enough about the Kardashians or have been voted down on Reddit too many times and want to vent a little frustration in a fun, jokey and sarcastic way.

It’s time to get excited about the Batman vs Aquaman vs Spiderman movie GeekTown fans, because according to the papers it’s on its way. That’s if we’re to believe it of course.

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