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Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Final Show Trailer.

by Dave Elliott

As Star Wars fever grips the nation with the release of the new movie, back in the Summer, the force was already awakening, in the form of Secret Cinema‘s epic production of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. You can read our original review here, but at the time it was impossible to talk with any great detail about what happened… because, well… it’s secret.

Now they’ve released the ‘final show’ trailer for Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, you can see a lot more details of what the lucky people that decided to travel to a galaxy far far away got to do. You can see we were taken from London onto a shuttle and were supposed to be flown to a rebel base, but were forced to land on the desert world of Tatooine. Here we met a number of familiar faces… Some droids, a farm boy, a smuggler, and a large Imperial force on the look out for rebels… We needed to get away, and fast…

Whilst trying to keep a low profile in a local Cantina, I was approached by a slightly shady looking chap who saw I was a pilot (the flight suit I was wearing was possibly a giveaway!) and told me he was after someone who knew his way around a shuttle for a special mission. We just needed ‘spice’ (a popular local drug) to bribe the shuttle captain. This meant trading or gambling with the locals for the required payment. Thankfully Jawa’s aren’t know for being too picky when it comes to the tech they’re prepared to take, and I happened to have an old circuit board with me. A bit of haggling later, and I had a small pack of powder-like substance to bribe my way onto the transport.

Just then, all hell breaks loose, as the Imperials start to carpet bomb the planet. We needed to leave, so ran to the shuttle we had secured. I jumped into the pilot seat and we tried to out-run the Imperial fleet. Unfortunately, their moon sided star base caught us in a tractor beam, and we ended up on the Death Star facing Vader himself… Upsetting a Dark Lord of the Sith didn’t seem like the best move, so we played along, before there was a rescue from the Rebel Alliance, and the Death Star was destroyed… We were then ushered into the next room to see the story continue, as the Empire struck back. Complete with scenes which were on screen being acted out around the edge of the space. From a tender moment between Leia and Han, to a full lightsaber duel high up in the rafters, it all helped make you feel you were inside the movie.

The next Secret Cinema event is in February, and I urge you to buy tickets. I’ve no idea what the film will be, but given the incredible job they did on Star Wars, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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