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BBC3’s Uncle Writer Pens An Episode of The Flash

by Dave Elliott
The Flash

The Flash

Lilah Vandenburgh

Lilah Vandenburgh

So this was rather unexpected, but I’ve just been informed that a genuine friend of Geektown has written an episode of THE FLASH! It seems Lilah Vandenburgh, co-writer of BBC’s amazing comedy series Uncle (starring Nick Helm), spent the month of December in LA writing season 2, episode 16 of THE FLASH called ‘Trajectory‘.

The episode was written along with Lauren Certo, and introduces a new, and the first female speedster to The Flash in the form of Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory played by Allison Paige (Days of Our Lives, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), who arrives to create havoc in Central City. Lilah and Lauren apparently campaigned for the idea of introducing a new female villain to The Flash, and the production team were really keen on it.

Allison Paige

Allison Paige

In the comic books Trajectory first appeared in the brilliant 52 run of DC Comics as a subject of Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project. This was during a year went DC removed ‘The Trinity’ (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) from their regular books, and allowed more of the minor characters to shine. Booster Gold takes a leading role in the books, and i’m still surprised he’s not made in into the DC shows… yet… Lex decides to create a group of heroes he can control, and uses a process to give a group of young potentials powers. Often these came with a downside, and in Trajectory’s case, her super speed was always on, meaning she had to take a drug to let her slow down.

I expect the version of Trajectory used on The Flash will have somewhat different origins, but I am looking forward to seeing another speedster on the show.

If you’re wondering about Uncle season 3, Lilah and her co-writer Oliver Refson are hard at work writing right now for it to shoot in the summer, so expect a new series later in the year. If you want to hear the interview we did with Oli and Lilah last year, you can listen to that here.

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