NBC Commit To Pilot Of Sci-fi Cop Drama ‘The Last Policeman’

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20 Sep 16
NBC Commit To Pilot Of Sci-fi Cop Drama 'The Last Policeman'

NBC Commit To Pilot Of Sci-fi Cop Drama ‘The Last Policeman’

NBC have given a ‘put pilot’ commitment to a new sci-fi cop drama based on Ben H. Winters’ award winning The Last Policeman novels it has been announced.

The story follows Hank Palace, a young New Hampshire police detective, who finds himself in a world gripped by terror and depression, due to the fact a large asteroid is hurtling towards the planet, and is very likely to end civilisation. Unlike others who have taken to drugs, or throwing themselves of buildings, Hank has buried himself in his work, determined to keep solving cases despite the chaos that’s going on around him.

The show is being produced by Neal H. Moritz (Preacher, Prison Break), with Sony TV as the studio. Winters’ himself will write the screen adaptation.

Should The Last Policeman be picked up to series, they won’t be short of content to work with, as the first book is part of a trilogy. The second novel, Countdown City, won the Philip K. Dick Award for Distinguished Science Fiction, and the third, World of Trouble, published in 2014, was nominated for the Edgar Award and Anthony Award. The first book itself won the Edgar Award, was an Amazon Best Book of 2012, and was nominated for the Macavity Award.

Producer Moritz is currently a very busy guy! Not only is he producing season 2 of Preacher, he also has another sci-fi pilot called Roadside Picnic in development, an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s Happy! comic book for Syfy, a tv adaptation/continuation of the movie Cruel Intentions, and from Preacher creator Garth Ennis, an adaptation of The Boys graphic novel with Preacher’s Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg and Supernatural’s Eric Kripke.

Obviously this is currently only a pilot commitment, but if it goes further, we will let you know!