A Tasty Secret Pre-launch Event For Final Fantasy XV Had Us Wanting Seconds!

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24 Nov 16
A Tasty Secret Pre-launch Event For Final Fantasy XV Had Us Wanting Seconds!

A Tasty Secret Pre-launch Event For Final Fantasy XV Had Us Wanting Seconds! (Bex with Hajime Tabata)

Some things are worth running down pouring London streets with sodden feet and soaked hair for. And a secret pre-release press launch for Final Fantasy XV is definitely on that list. And (assuming you haven’t been living on a desert island with just a ball on a stick for company since 1987) you will probably know why…

Set in the rather swanky and aptly named FIFTEEN restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver we were greeted by friendly staff who took our somewhat waterlogged coats and handed us wine and a seemingly endless selection of tasty food and desserts inspired by the latest incarnation of the franchise, while we dried off and got to know everyone. Once a bit more human and less drowned rat I ventured downstairs to play on one of the many Xbox’s set and finally get my hands on Final Fantasy XV in all its glory. And it is glorious…

The graphics are shiny, the animation is smooth and the game’s battle system is responsive and easy to pick up. I only played for about 20 minutes but it was enough to show this is exactly what you would expect from Square Enix. A lot of love has gone into every tiny detail of this game and it’s a cinematic and immersive experience from the get go. I got to run around and hit some giant scorpions and then get to drive about in the new car (I wasn’t remotely keen on a driving element but rumours say it will fly once upgraded so I am all up for that!) and generally get a feel for the world of the game.

The characters are already varied and fun, the voice acting was spot on and the interactions were natural feeling and well written. It looks to be an exciting edition to the series and I know several people who have booked a week off work specifically to play this one. On top of all this I got to sit and have a chat with the legendary Hajime Tabata, director of XV and practice a few lines of my very rusty Japanese on him and he told me I was ‘cute’ after I grabbed a quick photo opportunity to make as many people on my social media as jealous as possible! I also got to catch up with Dan Seto one of the awesome community managers I met at the I Am Setsuna Preview a few months back.

As press events go this was incredibly chilled out and we had loads of time to just chat and catch up with people and enjoy the atmosphere. There weren’t any formal speeches or presentations but everyone from Square Enix was happy to chat, so it was a great opportunity to get to know people in an informal manner as well as get a first look at the game pre-launch.

Between this and the trailers for the Final Fantasy VII remake looking drop dead gorgeous it’s an exciting time to be getting into the franchise!

You can order the standard or deluxe versions of Final Fantasy XV here, and they are already taking pre-orders for the VII remake as well!