Amazon Renews The Man In the High Castle For A 3rd Season

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03 Jan 17
Netflix Renews 'The Man In the High Castle' For A 3rd Season

Netflix Renews ‘The Man In the High Castle’ For A 3rd Season

Amazon has renewed their alt-history drama The Man In the High Castle it has been announced today. They have also announced Eric Overmyer (Bosch, The Affair, Boardwalk Empire) will take over as showrunner.

Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1963 novel, the show tells the story of an alternative timeline where the Nazi’s won WWII. This resulted in the USA being split down the middle, with the eastern half going to Germany, the west side to Japan, and a neutral zone/no man’s land in the middle. When a young woman comes into possession of a film which appears to show the Allies winning the war, most see it as dangerous and illegal propaganda being collected by the mysterious ‘Man In The High Castle’.

The reason for the showrunner change is due to the original developer & showrunner, Frank Spotnitz, falling out with Amazon halfway through the 2nd season production. They finished the season “running in many ways like a republic” according to Exec Producer David Zucker, but clearly that wasn’t an ideal long term solution. Overmyer is already working with Amazon on the detective series Bosch, so seems like a solid replacement. His other work includes Treme, which he co-created with David Simon, and Season 4 of The Wire, which won him multiple awards.

Season 2 of The Man In the High Castle is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.