10 Geeky Gadgets to Improve Your Online Life

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17 Apr 17
10 Geeky Gadgets to Improve Your Online Life

10 Geeky Gadgets to Improve Your Online Life

If there is one thing that we have come to accept in 2017 it is that the online world is now part of our lives for good. With that in mind, we decided to list 10 geeky gadgets that help to improve our online life. From the cell phone to the ability to stream online content on our televisions, here is our list:

Our Phones

Whether it is an Android device or iPhone, our phones have helped to shape how we surf the internet, play games and have fun. Whether it is having a fun game of roulette on CasinoCruise or the latest Candy Crush Saga clone, it has made the online world lots of fun for us.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is finding its place in our homes and allowing us to not only find information online, but also connect to our music collections and have instant access to any track we want. With the ability to also connect to devices around the house, the Echo is showing what the future of online homes could be.

Virtual Reality

HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift started the latest phase of virtual reality, but PlayStation VR is making it more accessible. The future is interesting for fans of VR, just take a look at Resident Evil 7 to see what is possible.

Bluetooth Speakers

When we collect our favourite songs on our phones, we don’t want to have to wire speakers up to the small device to listen to the music. The speakers in the phone don’t always live up to the quality we expect for music, so a good set of wireless speakers is a must.

PlayStation 4/Xbox One

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have connected gamers more than ever before. The PC may be the true king of online gaming, but the more accessible the better.


Similar to the latest phones, the tablets come in Apple form, and also Android. Offering a bigger screen these devices offer more space for reading information, and of course gaming.

Gaming Mouse

When gaming online, a good mouse is essential. In the online world of eSports, all players know that a gaming mouse is essential. A mechanical keyboard is also a good option if you want to find an extra edge too.

Selfie Stick

People seem to be taking selfies everywhere these days, and while some may find the selfie stick annoying, to others it is essential. Giving the ability to take the selfie to the next level, the selfie stick is here to stay.

4K Television

With streaming services now allowing 4K streaming, and the PlayStation 4 Pro offering 4K gaming, this is the latest craze in entertainment. To enjoy the full 4K experience a new television is needed, so be ready to spend the cash.

Amazon Firestick

While phones and tablets can handle Netflix and Amazon Plus streaming on the move, we also want to enjoy it on our televisions too. If your television has no ability to connect to the online world, then the Firestick is an excellent way to make this happen.

The list of gadgets above is just a selection of things that can improve the online world, but there are many other things. We’re sure you have a big list yourself that you can’t live without, hopefully though some of these can be added to your list too.