Fox Cancels ’24: Legacy’, But Still Considering Other Versions

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08 Jun 17
Fox Cancels '24: Legacy', But Still Considering Other Versions

Fox Cancels ’24: Legacy’, But Still Considering Other Versions

It looks like Corey Hawkins time at CTU is done, as Fox US confirm 24: Legacy won’t be returning.

The show, which saw Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton, The Walking Dead), take the lead as Army Ranger Eric Carter failed to gain the same sort of traction as the original Kiefer Sutherland series, however, that may not be the end of the franchise.

Fox are keen to keep things going and are having discussions with producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer about the possibility of running the show more as an anthology or event series. I.e. Different stories set within the ‘world’ of 24, but not focused on a single lead.

As we reported last month, renewal of the show was still in the balance, but couldn’t move forward immediately even if they’d wanted to, as Hawkins was tied up performing on Broadway. Whilst the Fox execs had been happy with the show, it just wasn’t getting the numbers it needed, so this announcement had been somewhat expected.

The idea of bringing it back as an anthology series is an interesting one. We had a number of discussions over on Entertainment Talk’s 24 podcast about how underused Carlos Bernard’s Tony Almeida was in the reboot and could make a much more interesting lead. Maybe an event/anthology series is a way to achieve that. Plus, if the actors only have to commit to one season, it may be possibly to rope Keifer back in, if his ‘Designated Survivor‘ contract allows it.

Whatever they come up with, it sounds like this won’t be the last we’ll hear of 24.