ZOE Is A Streaming Service Where YOU Help Create The Stories

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07 Jun 17
ZOE Is A Streaming Service Where YOU Help Create The Stories

ZOE Is A Streaming Service Where YOU Help Create The Stories

There are a lot of streaming services out there, but this one from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is a little bit different… As it lets YOU help create the stories!

ZOE works on the principal that stories are meant to be retold. Remixed. Reimagined. Not locked away in a vault to be forgotten in twenty years. All of their shows are released under Creative Commons SA-BY-NC licenses since 2010, and the newer shows are licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike-Attribution. That means that you’re free to take their new stories and expand or adapt them however you see fit! Want to write and sell a novel? Or a painting? Or just to upload and share on your own platforms? As long as you release your works under the same license, the only limit is your imagination.

Their motto is FAN SUPPORTED & CREATOR DISTRIBUTED. That means, by joining their network, you can use their platform to share, contribute, upload, and most importantly, benefit from any content you help create. That may mean ZOE help sell your works, or it could be just getting pleasure from contributing to a community storytelling effort.

If you’re thinking “how the heck does that work, of everything is free?!”, they’ve actually been doing it for 7 years already! They offer a variety of subscription packages, for those that can afford it, and that is what helps support the model. The more subscribers they have, the more they can create new content, and more importantly, help support the content you create.

In return for your monthly subscription (be it £1 or £100), joining gives you a range of benefits:

  • Exclusive: Post and comment in their forums.
  • Exclusive: Stream their catalogue of feature films and series in pristine HD.
  • Exclusive: The ongoing adventures of The Gamers: Nodwick’s Story, a comic by Aaron Williams.
  • Exclusive: Post and edit content in their Shared Cinematic Universe wiki.
  • Exclusive: Watch new episodes before anyone else.
  • Exclusive: Unique buffs and trolls for their weekly gaming live stream, Masters of the Metaverse.
  • Exclusive: Deep annual discounts on merch in BackerKit.
  • Exclusive: Membership in a worldwide community of incredible fans, creators, and storytellers.
  • Exclusive: Work directly with ZOE to develop your stories.

Whilst this may look like just a video streaming service on the surface, what you actually get is the opportunity to join a community of creative people, there to help you bring your ideas to life. It’s a great and really interesting opportunity for anybody out there who would like to get into writing or filmmaking but is struggling to find a place to start.

For more information, go check out zombieorpheus.com.