Fox Considering Non-CTU Based ’24’

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08 Aug 17
Fox Considering Non-CTU Based '24'

Fox Considering Non-CTU Based ’24’

Whilst we won’t be getting Jack back… Or Eric… Or CTU… 24 could be set to return… So… Yay? I think?…

It seems Fox are very keen in the whole ’24’ format idea, but not so much with the CTU. “We are really exploring what the future, the next version of 24 might be, maybe in more anthological storytelling,” commented Fox chairman Dana Walden, who has been in discussions with the trio behind ’24’, Howard Gordon, Joel Surnow and Brian Grazer. Although she wouldn’t go into details, she said they had a “very exciting idea about how to do that, that I thought was very compelling.”

So, looks like ’24’ may be moving into an anthology format. But it also looks like it’s moving out of CTU as well, which makes some sense. According to Fox Entertainment president David Madden, the idea would be to keep the 24hr/ticking clock format, and the “same style and urgency”, but shift the setting.

This is actually quite an intriguing premise. One season could be set in a hospital, so it’s a doctor having a very bad day, or you could have 24hrs set on a boat in trouble, or maybe during a disaster of some kind. It also doesn’t need to be set in America, or even present day. “I think that partly what is exciting is, we’re opening up the possibility of it being anything where that 24-hour clock is at the most critical period of a story, so I don’t want to limit them,” adds Walden. “It can only be an action-oriented show, maybe not. It can only be an emotional thing. The opportunity is for them to think their biggest thoughts.”

Whilst this might not be the news ’24’ fans were hoping for, it does push the franchise in an interesting new direction. They’ve not nailed down any sort of timeline regarding this reboot idea, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear something more.