Big Talk Productions To Adapt Jonathan Stroud’s ‘Lockwood & Co’ For TV

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19 Sep 17
Big Talk Productions To Adapt Jonathan Stroud's 'Lockwood & Co' For TV

Big Talk Productions To Adapt Jonathan Stroud’s ‘Lockwood & Co’ For TV

Big Talk Productions have landed the rights to Jonathan Stroud’s best-selling book series ‘Lockwood & Co’ to adapt into a tv series the company has announced today.

For those unfamiliar with the books, they are set in an alternative London, beset by an epidemic of spooks and ghouls. Only a few young people have the abilities to see and hear these supernatural terrors, and it’s their job to fight them. The smallest, most ramshackle psychic detection agency of all is ‘Lockwood & Co’.

“I’m hopping with delight at the prospect of Lockwood being brought to the screen by Big Talk,” comments author Jonathan Stroud. “I’ve loved so many of their movies and shows over the years – their unique sensibility blends comedy, adventure, and horror beautifully, and is in perfect synthesis with Lockwood’s world. I can’t wait for us to take up our rapiers, salt bombs, and iron chains and get to work.”

Big Talk has been hitting out of the park on both the big and small screens recently. Their film credits include Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’, which has just passed $200m in worldwide box office, ‘Shaun of the Dead’‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’, and ‘Attack the Block’. On TV they are the people behind ‘Cold Feet’, ‘Friday Night Dinner’, ‘Rev.’ and the new Mitchell and Webb series ‘Back’.

“Big Talk are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Jonathan’s amazing Lockwood & Co. universe to TV,” add Rachael Prior and Kenton Allen, Head of Film and CEO of Big Talk in a statement. “We’ve been passionate fans of this series of books for a long time, and feel a great affinity with their distinct Britishness, innovative world building, vibrantly drawn characters and joyful command of the genre. Lockwood & Co. will be a highly original, distinctively authored, ghost-detective show to enthrall audiences of all ages and we’re looking forward to working together to make that happen.”

This timely announcement comes as the 5th and final installment of the award-winning Lockwood & Co. series of novels, The Empty Grave, is released by Penguin Random House on Thursday 21st September 2017.