US Network Renews ‘Shooter’ For a 3rd Season

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04 Dec 17
US Network Renews 'Shooter' For a 3rd Season

US Network Renews ‘Shooter’ For a 3rd Season

US Network has announced today that Ryan Phillippe will return in a 3rd Season of Shooter.

Phillippe (‘Secrets and Lies’) stars as Bob Lee Swagger, an expert marksman living in exile. When Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps – ‘House’) Swagger’s former commanding officer turned Secret Service Agent, contacts him for his expertise on a clandestine operation, it ends with disastrous results. This coaxes Swagger back into action, as he learns of a plot to kill the president. The show is based on the best-selling Bob Lee Swagger novels by Stephen Hunter and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg.

It wasn’t entirely clear if ‘Shooter’ would end up returning after Season 2 had to be cut short due to Phillippe breaking his leg in an accident unrelated to the production. Its ratings had also dropped a little for its 2nd outing. Phillippe’s leg has healed, and USA are happy with the numbers, so thankfully for fans, they will… get their Swagger back… 😀

Season 3 of the series will be based loosely on ‘Black Light’, the 2nd book by Stephen Hunter featuring Bob Lee Swagger. Although, they have also said it will pick up when filming left off to finish Season 2’s story before launching into the Season 3 plot.

Shooter‘ is broadcast by Netflix in the UK, which currently has the first 2 seasons available to stream.