Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Sci-fi/Fantasy Series

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02 Jan 18
Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Sci-fi/Fantasy Series

Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Sci-fi/Fantasy Series

There were some brilliant new sci-fi and fantasy series this year, but one particular series took an early lead and wasn’t going to give it up for all the Klingons in Qo’noS. Same goes for the best returning sci-fi/fantasy series. Let’s be honest, after such as spectacular season this year, there was only one show that was going to top that list. Here are the winners for which you voted…

Best New Sci-fi/Fantasy Series

Nominees: American Gods, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Midnight Texas, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Star Trek: Discovery, Timeless, Travelers

Bronze: Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Silver: American Gods

And the Gold goes to…

Star Trek: Discovery

After a number of production issues and staff changes, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ finally launched to a ravenous fan base. Whilst some Trekkies seemed split on whether it was ‘Trekkie’ enough, the show seems to have picked up new fans who had no interest in the franchise previously. Fronted by ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Sonequa Martin-Green, the series takes a much darker look at Trek than we’ve ever seen before. With Jason Isaacs morally ambiguous Captain Lorca at the helm, this is Star Trek Jim, but not as we knew it. Currently on its mid-season break, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ returns to Netflix UK from 8th January 2018.

Best Returning Sci-fi/Fantasy Series

Nominees: Dark Matter, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Killjoys, Stranger Things, Supernatural, The 100, The Expanse

Bronze: Doctor Who

Silver: Stranger Things

And the Gold goes to…

Game Of Thrones

We did wonder if last year’s ‘New sci-fi/fantasy’ winner ‘Stranger Things’ might give the ‘Game Of Thrones’ juggernaut a challenge this year, but no… Taking a whopping 41% of the vote, Jon Snow and pals cemented the top spot once again, and I think it’s fair to say, it was well deserved this year. Spectacular battles, Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen landing in Westeros, revelations about Jon’s parentage confirmed, a Zombie Dragon and the Wall comes tumbling down… I can think of no other words for this season other than EPIC! Next years awards will be interesting, as for the first time since we started, ‘Game Of Thrones’ won’t be eligible, due to the 8th and final season not arriving until 2019. Will ‘Stranger Things’ manage to land the top spot, or will something else (‘Westworld’ maybe?) manage to keep it at bay? We’ll have to wait and see!