Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Comic Book Series

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02 Jan 18
Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Comic Book Series

Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Comic Book Series

The ‘Best New Comic Book Series’ category was very close throughout voting this year, but I think the winner will shock a lot of people! Remember, this is the British public voting, not us, but the top show did pull out a convincing lead in the end. Things were rather more predictable on the ‘Best Returning Comic Book Series’. After a so/so season last year, the winner really upped their game this time around. Here are your winners.

Best New Comic Book Series

Nominees: Gifted, Legion, Marvel’s Inhumans, The Defenders, The Punisher, The Tick

Bronze: Gifted

Silver: The Defenders

And the Gold goes to…

Marvel’s Inhumans

I think out of everything in the awards this year, this result was the biggest shock. After all the negative press and complaints about quality, it seems the British public really took ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ to heart. Whilst early voting had the top 2 shows neck and neck, in the end, ‘InHumans’ took 28% of the vote over ‘The Defenders’ 24%, leaving no doubt who would take the top spot. The status of a possible 2nd season is still unknown at this point, but it would seem the series has an audience in the UK, even if the US turned it’s nose up at it.

Best Returning Comic Book Series

Nominees: Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Lucifer, Riverdale, Supergirl, The Flash, The Walking Dead

Bronze: Agents of SHIELD

Silver: Lucifer

And the Gold goes to…

The Walking Dead

Unlike the previous category, the top spot for this one was rather more predictable. Launching the All Out War storyline, ‘The Walking Dead‘ once again takes the Gold in ‘Returning Comic Book Series’. Whilst there were some controversies behind the scenes this year, due to producers killing off a certain character, that doesn’t seem to have dampened UK folks love for the series. Further down the list, it’s interesting to note, this is the first time none of DC’s Arrowverse series have landed a top 3 ranking, although I can tell you ‘The Flash’ came top out of those shows.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns for Season 8b on 26th February 2018 at 9pm on FOX UK.