Geektown Awards – British TV Show of the Year

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02 Jan 18
Geektown Awards – British TV Show of the Year

Geektown Awards – British TV Show of the Year

Union Jacks at the ready! It’s time for the ‘British TV Show of the Year’! This was the closest category yet, with only a couple of percentage points separating the top 3 places. However, there has been a trend since we launched these awards… There is one certain show that always wins if it’s in a category, and that rule held once again this year… Here are your winners!

Nominees: Broadchurch, Doctor Foster, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, Strike, Top Gear, Uncle, Victoria

Bronze: Doctor Who

Silver: Broadchurch

And the Gold goes to…


But of course… Despite the fact it aired way back in January 2017 (so only just slipped into being eligible for the awards), if ‘Sherlock’ is in a category, ‘Sherlock’ will win. Whilst I had mixed feelings about the 3rd season of the show, Season 4 really pulled it back to the series we all fell in love with when it launched. Although it went out on a pretty perfect ending, creators Moffat and Gatiss have plotted the outline of a 5th season, although there is no confirmation of if and when it may be filmed… I suspect mainly due to Cumberbatch and Freeman being tied up on Marvel duties at the moment.