The Boys From ‘Red Dwarf’ To Return For Season XIII (13)!

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30 Apr 18
The Boys From 'Red Dwarf' To Return For Season XIII (13)!

The Boys From ‘Red Dwarf’ To Return For Season XIII (13)!

The boys from the miniature rouge one will be back for Red Dwarf Season XIII (or 13 for those that don’t do Roman numerals) the cast has announced.

During a panel at Thames Con over the weekend, Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and Danny John-Jules (Cat) confirmed the 13th season of the British sci-fi comedy will begin shooting in early 2019. Doug Naylor will be back to write along with Llewellyn, John-Jules, Craig Charles and Chris Barrie in their lead roles. Baby Cow, who have been in charge behind the camera since 2016 will be back as the production company.

The previous two seasons were shot back-to-back, however, it seems only the 13th season has been confirmed so far this time around. That could have something to do with Doug Naylor planing a live (and possibly touring) stage show version, now that all 4 cast members are free from other commitments. Craig is no longer on ‘Coronation Street’ and Danny has recently handed in his notice on ‘Death in Paradise’.

“When I say a tour, I mean do a live show at the O2, so we need to get a schedule that works for the O2 and certainly for Red Dwarf XIII,” commented Naylor to The Express last year. “Probably if we did a Red Dwarf XIII and XIV it would make the O2 live show more difficult. So we’ll probably do Red Dwarf XIII, live show and come back and probably do XIV after that.”

Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of ‘Red Dwarf’ ever since the first episode back in 1988 on the BBC. It’s had a few ups and downs in the intervening years, but the last couple of seasons have really been a major return to form for the show.

No official news on when Red Dwarf‘ Season XIII will air yet, although it’s expected to appear on Dave at some point towards the end of 2019.