What Do Gamers Think Of The Latest Mobile Apps?

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05 Oct 18
What Do Gamers Think Of The Latest Mobile Apps?

What Do Gamers Think Of The Latest Mobile Apps?

Apps have been with us for a long time now, but just like everything else, as technology progresses they are becoming easier to use, but more sophisticated in other ways. They can be affected by the operating system you use, the main two being Apple and Android, and if your smartphone is not fairly up to date, some of them will not work.

Apps are used for all sorts of things, but the most common use of all is games. So, do gamers like the way apps have changed over the last few years?


It was the creation of smartphones that caused the revolution in apps. Although most people attribute the first smartphone to being a product of Apple – the first iPhone – IBM are credited with creating the first real phone with features beyond the basics of calling and texting. The Simon was released in 1994 and, while it still looked fairly blocky, it introduced features like a notepad, which would become smartphone staples.

'iPhone 6' - Olle Eriksson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

‘iPhone 6’ – Olle Eriksson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

As phones got smarter, so did the marketing agencies, using apps as a simple way for people to access websites.

The gaming industry also embraced them in a big way, and there are not many smartphones that you will not find games such as Candy Crush Saga or Diamond Digger on.  It was just a small step to make it possible to play live games with other people, and soon there were the likes of Words With Friends appearing.

While all this was going on, the online casino industry was not just sitting back ignoring it. They wanted players to be able to play whenever they wanted and wherever they were. Mobile apps, such as the Mr Green App, fulfilled the need for players to be able to access their hundreds of games.

'Candy Crush' - Alper Cugun via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

‘Candy Crush’ – Alper Cugun via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Overall, gamers like the latest mobile apps because they are easier to use. Some of them do not like the way you have to be signed into Facebook on some games to be able to save your progress, but the thing that seems to annoy them the most is the adverts.

These pop up between levels, between games, and sometimes when you open an app. There is nothing you can do about them, and of course, for the apps that allow them, it is a way of making money.

This has become noticed by some of the game providers, and there are some now who are saying that they will stop putting adverts on your games, but you will have to pay instead.  The amount they are asking, although not huge, is certainly more than you would pay for an app.

This is really the only thing that is causing any resentment about the latest mobile apps, and thankfully there are still a few sites that have resisted the advertisers.  How long that will last remains to be seen. With the likes of the BBC News app now having adverts, it does not bode well for an ad-free future.