The Sporting Stars With The Geekiest Reputations

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13 Nov 18
The Sporting Stars With The Geekiest Reputations

The Sporting Stars With The Geekiest Reputations

Being a geek and liking sports might often seem to be mutually exclusive activities. After all, it’s long been thought that whilst athletes like pushing their bodies to the max, geeks of the world prefer stretching their grey matter through contemplating important questions such as which spaceship is faster; the Millennium Falcon or the USS Enterprise?

But it seems as though these seemingly opposed activities are a little more close than we originally had thought. This is because a surprisingly large number of sporting stars have revealed that they are more than capable of taking on even the geekiest of geeks.

Take the Brazilian football star, Neymar. He may be best known for scoring some spectacular goals for Paris Saint Germain and his national team, but it seems that even Neymar can indulge in a little video gaming entertainment as he has reportedly put on hundreds of hours playing the first-person shooter, Counter Strike Global Offensive.

But it’s not just Neymar who’s spent way too long on the computer, as the Dutch ace, Ryan Babel, even hosts his own competitive gaming tournaments, whilst Italian football legend, Andrea Pirlo, once said that the PlayStation is the world’s greatest invention.

However, it seems that footballers only seem to get really nerdy once they finish their standard playing careers. Take the ex-England ace, Michael Owen, who now has plenty of time to devote to his passion for completing jigsaws, whilst even Thierry Henry and Gary Neville, were spotted hanging out with John Bradley-West, who plays Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones.

The ex-Arsenal star, Andrei Arshavin, takes things a step further by designing women’s clothing in his spare time, and then the former Manchester City player, Wayne Bridge, was a massive Star Wars fan who even had a full-sized stormtrooper outfit.

“We asked the team at the sports betting resource where we would be most likely to find the biggest sporting nerds in the world today. And it was little surprise to discover that the most outrageous geek athletes tend to be found across the Atlantic.”

From the Minnesota Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe, who somehow became one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world, to the top-class skier, Lindsey Vonn, who designed and wore a special Captain America ski suit, it seems that there’s no shortage of nerdiness in the US sporting world.

But don’t forget that the mathematically inclined Canadian tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard, is reportedly an enormous fan of The Big Bang Theory, and is even friends with Jim Parsons who plays the Sheldon character in the comedy TV show.

And whilst Russell Westbrook is still managing to captivate basketball fans through his performances with Oklahoma City Thunder, we have to remember that this is the guy who has his own fashion line that made nerd glasses fashionable, plus he even wore a bow tie and braces to a press conference just to emphasise his nerdy credentials.