What Kinds Of Television Shows Can You Bet On?

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13 Nov 18
What Kinds Of Television Shows Can You Bet On?

What Kinds Of Television Shows Can You Bet On?

There’s nothing like settling down in front of the television with a healthy amount of junk food and getting started on a brand new box set. But plenty of TV fans are taking things up a level by betting on their favourite television shows. From fantasy hits like Game of Thrones to some of the biggest reality TV phenomenons, it seems that television betting is now a big part of the 21st-century viewing experience.

So what kinds of TV shows and movies can you take a bet on? Unsurprisingly the bookmakers seem to be attracted to the shows with the largest viewing figures so that you are not likely to be able to wager on Painkiller Jane or Freakylinks anytime soon.

Instead of this, it seems as though most decent bookmakers are lining up to give you evermore competitive odds on the fantasy hit, Game of Thrones. This HBO show is particularly well suited for TV betting, as its complex and unwieldy plot-lines means that not even the most dedicated Game of Thrones fan is likely to know what happens next.

So what kind of things can you wager on if you wanted to take a Game of Thrones bet? Unsurprisingly most bookies seem to have odds for who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of season eight.

Obviously Bran Stark looks to be the favourite at the moment, but you can also get decent prices for Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and even Tyrion Lannister. And if you really want to push your luck, then you might be able to find a couple of betting sites who serve up some seriously long odds for Yara Greyjoy, Davos Seaworth or even Brienne of Tarth being sat on the Iron Throne at the end of the season.

“We asked the team at Betting.org what other TV shows and movies tend to feature most prominently in the betting odds. It’s no surprise to find that those cheap and cheerful reality television shows like Love Island and X-Factor seem to be a hit amongst betting fans. But what else is on offer for any geeks who are feeling lucky out there?”

Thankfully, it looks like a few betting sites are currently serving up odds on the classic BBC sci-fi series, Doctor Who. This means that geeks can enjoy taking a bet on who will be the next Time Lord after Jodie Whittaker finishes her run in the role.

Amongst the frontrunners at the moment, there are the likes of Death in Paradise star, Kris Marshall, Game of Thrones actor, Natalie Dormer, or even Maxine Peake. Plus if you really fancy your chances, then you might be able to find a few bookies who are giving you even longer odds for the likes of Stephen Fry or even Russell Brand to be the next Doctor Who. All of which shows that there’s much more to these classic sci-fi shows than just binge-watching.