‘The Batman’ Movie Set For 2021, But Search Is On For A New Dark Knight

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31 Jan 19
'The Batman' Movie Set For 2021, But Search Is On For A New Dark Knight

‘The Batman’ Movie Set For 2021, But Search Is On For A New Dark Knight

Warner Bros has set a release date of 25th June 2021 for Matt Reeves’s ‘The Batman’ movie, however, it will have a new actor under the cowl as Ben Affleck hands the Batsuit over to a new actor.

Affleck had been the latest actor to play the cinematic Caped Crusader in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’, ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Justice League’ movies. He was originally set to star, write and direct ‘The Batman’, but decided to step away from the project so Matt Reeves (‘Planet of the Apes’ films, ‘Felicity’) joined as writer and director. It was initially thought Affleck might still star in the Reeves version of the movie, but it now seems they are looking for a younger version of Bruce Wayne to act as Gotham’s protector.

Not a lot is known about the exact plot of ‘The Batman’ at the moment. We do know it won’t be an origin story, which I think is sensible, as I think everyone knows that tale by now. That also rules out it being based on Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel ‘Batman: Year One’, which is said to be one of Reeves favourite Batman stories. “I’m just excited to be focused on a tale that’s defying for him and is very personal to him, but at the same time, we’re really – obviously we’re not doing any origin tales or anything like that – but definitely Batman, emotional, and him being the world’s greatest detective,” commented Reeves last August during a TCA panel.

Hearing Reeve’s talk about the focus being on Batman’s detective skills does fill me with hope for the film. Whilst I have liked other cinematic iterations of The Dark Knight, I don’t feel anyone has nailed the “world’s greatest detective” side of the character yet. Reeves also added this version would be “noir-driven” and see Batman “investigating a particular case that takes us out into the world of Gotham.” This could, potentially, be the closest the on-screen character has come to the comic book version.

As to who will get to don the cowl, I’m sure there will be no shortage of younger actors vying for the role. Various names have been floating around the internet as possible replacements in recent years, but here are a few possibilities.

Kit Harington (‘Game Of Thrones’) will be looking for new projects now his time as King Of The North is over. James Dornan (‘Fifty Shades’, ‘The Fall’) is a man who is no stranger to getting dealing with rubber outfits (albeit in a very different context!) Armie Hammer (‘The Social Network’, ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’) is a guy who was already cast once to play Batman back in 2007 in George Miller’s ‘Justice League: Mortal’ movie before it was shelved, so it would be nice to give him another shot. I also think Zac Efron (‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘High School Musical’) has the style and physicality to pull off both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

All these guys are in their 30’s, so younger than Affleck, but it really depends how young Reeves would like to go. If he wanted to go for someone in their 20s, how about Jack O’Connell (‘Godless’, ‘Skins’), Taron Egerton (‘Kingsman’, ‘Rocketman’, ‘Robin Hood’), or for a real left-of-field choice, Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

A new Bruce Wayne would also need a new Alfred, and there is really one name which tops my list, Matthew Goode. Although his current leading part on Sky One’s ‘A Discovery of Witches’ might rule him out of a big film franchise.

Whoever gets the job, ‘The Batman’ is set to arrive on 25th June 2021.