Learning is Winning: How to Save and Make Money on Online Slots

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23 Aug 19
Learning is Winning: How to Save and Make Money on Online Slots

Learning is Winning: How to Save and Make Money on Online Slots

Online gambling is a thriving industry for good reason. It provides varied entertainment and a friendly community to cater to people’s every gaming need. However, online casinos are still businesses that must make a profit in order to keep functioning, so spending money is an essential part of enjoying the full scope of slot games, for example. The problem with that is how easily these expenses can stack while having a good time. Fortunately, visitors to gambling websites now tend to arrive with a better understanding of how to play smart. They have access to resources, good guidance, that help manage their excitement and enjoy their favourite casino games for longer and cheaper. This is also made possible by providers transforming their business into more of a friendly and highly fulfilling playground for adults.

Learn the Business

The more research you do the clearer the casino landscape with become, particularly how much it has evolved over the years. The Gambling Commission reveals that 106,670 people worked in the industry by September 2018 and that online casino games were part of a sector whose value took up 38.8% of the market. This all confirms that online gambling sites are businesses in their own right with employees and expenses no less real than their customers’. But it is people they were established to serve in the first place and today’s online casinos and their affiliates care about players like never before. Searching the internet will yield an abundance of tutorials and tips, reviews and personal stories to ensure their readers or viewers are better prepared for their next journey into the thrilling world of gambling. Knowledge is key to a confident and money-saving play.

Typical Cost

Different games have different rules and methods of digitally calculating winnings and losses. For example, the average cost per hour on slots, which can have 3 or 5 reels and up to 100 promising paylines, can range between £2.67 and £120.07, depending on your bet. Get Gambling Facts estimates the cost of 10 different games, double-deck blackjack reaching £135.80. While online casinos have software and standards in place to make their services as fair and beneficial as possible, such as the Random Number Generator (RNG) that produces random sequences in slot games, their complex systems can trip up the hasty and unwary. There are three qualities in gambling providers that should be scrutinised first:

  • Policies and, specifically, how payouts are calculated.
  • Platforms, trustworthy brands including Macrogaming, NetEnd and Playtech.
  • Reputation, easily discovered by reading reviews and interacting with dependable gamer communities.


Common features of online casinos are promotions for new players, like no deposit games, and general bonuses for all. These increase players’ chances of winning without constantly having to bet large sums of money, an important reason why 1.2% of UK gamblers on Statista’s report prefer online slots to other activities. Websites will either offer lucrative incentives or developers, always on top of consumer demands, incorporate extra choices and functions to maximise a game’s value, in terms of profit, as well as entertainment. Here are the most popular types of bonuses you can take advantage of.

  • Bonus slot games are treats players have grown especially fond of. Not unlike adventure and RPG titles with fun mini activities to give the player a break from the main quest, slots creators bring their versions of games within games to the table. Once triggered by a specific action, players are presented with a new screen and free activity to boost their earnings even further.
  • Free spins are the simplest and most widespread bonuses around today. While playing, you are given, as the term suggests, a number of extra spins of the reels to potentially add to your overall winnings.
  • Progressive jackpot games are a major expense, but also an opportunity to win big. Players typically have to make a large deposit to qualify for such jackpots, their accumulated worth often reaching thousands of pounds. If your goal is to save money, this may not be a punt to be taken too frequently.


These websites were born as a solution to gamers’ problem of spending too much time sifting through masses of online casinos in search of one that best suited their interests. Their purpose is to collect all the brands and services that matter into a single, accessible place. Visitors to a quality domain like Bingoport have a regularly updated and star rated supply of online casinos to choose from, not to mention the best online slot bonuses and rewards you can look forward to, both cash and prizes. An interesting question that emerges is what affiliates, who are not casinos themselves, have to gain from this considerable effort.

The answer lies again in the gambling industry’s human factor. It’s a gigantic service meant to entertain the public. If that feels confused and alienated, no casino or its associates will have a business to talk of for much longer. Players need a helpful mediator to connect them with exactly what they’re looking for, be it one casino among dozens dedicated to slot games or an incredible discount ideal for those playing on a budget. A decent income from linked casinos, grateful for the leads provided, is certainly a primary advantage of an affiliate’s business, but so is the appreciation felt from the gaming public. They have several sources of gambling entertainment they can be sure are looking out for them as much as the casinos.

At first glance, the online gambling landscape is a daunting, expensive thing, when all you need is a digital magnifying glass and an appetite for investigation to work out its nooks and crannies. Do your research on how these providers work, from their corporate mindsets to their technological and financial features. Know your limits and keep learning the business by making use of the openhanded assistance available all over the internet, while being aware of trusted brands and communities. Enjoy exploring bonuses created just for you. But, above all, be smart.