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What Kinds of TV Genre Make the Best Online Casino Games?

by Jason Smith

What Kinds of TV Genre Make the Best Online Casino Games?

When online casino developers conjure up ideas for slot games, they look to many different places for inspiration. It all starts with the gameplay and what themes might complement the traditional slot gameplay well. Then, they look at what’s popular. This could be franchises, sports that are also offered on the sportsbook, or broad themes such as elements of history.

TV – in all its forms, from terrestrial to cable to streaming platforms – is as popular today as when it first launched in the UK back in 1951. There are more channels than you can watch and more content on a variety of different genres. But, which genres of television tie in best with online casino?

Comedy Shows

Playing online slots is a lighthearted and fun activity. While the tension might rise up while you play, levity is at its core. So it makes sense that comedy shows would form the basis of some slot games. Video slots enable snippets of content to be given at certain junctures of the game and the motifs of well-known TV shows to add an extra level to fans watching the show. For instance, the American Dad slot on https://casino.betfair.com/ takes elements of the long-running Seth MacFarlane helmed adult humour cartoon and injects it into the game. Fans of American Dad are able to play along with the characters in a way that they haven’t before. American Dad is yet to receive a console game unlike The Simpsons and Family Guy, which has had titles across a range of platforms as ranked by https://www.thegamer.com/.

Game Shows

Game shows have tension running through them, so it makes sense to adapt them to become an online slot or casino game. Indeed, from the US Wheel of Fortune to Deal or No Deal and even Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, game shows have attracted slot fans.

The audience for a gameshow themed game needs to be less strict, as most people have a passing knowledge of the game show. They would be attracted to play based on how the style of the game show is integrated into the slot game. Some may be put off by the thought of having to answer difficult questions to get their winnings, but most game show inspired slots don’t have this as a mechanism. Game shows are constantly popular and always on TV, according to https://www.joe.co.uk/, so have a following suited to the topic.


With sci-fi shows often referred to as having cult audiences, it is well known that the genre breeds some of the most dedicated fans and these fans would be highly likely to want to engage with the source of their fandom wherever they can – including online games. So, creating an online game based around elements of a popular sci-fi show, such as The X-Files or Battlestar Galactica, allows fans to engage with the deeper mythology of the series and allows games designers to delve into a rich history of the sci-fi elements of the show

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