Valentine’s Day Ideas For Geeks

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13 Feb 20

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Geeks

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and people across the world are thinking about what they can buy for their loved ones.

If you’re a traditionalist it is highly likely that flowers, chocolates or a romantic meal for two will be at the uppermost of your thoughts from a gifting perspective.

However, things can become a bit more difficult if the love of your life is someone who is a bit geeky. With that in mind, we take a look at some of our favourite Valentine’s Day ideas for geeks.

Think outside of the box

For the perfect mix of technology and romance to give the geek in your life there is no finer product available than the Lovebox.

This cute little gift is a digital message system which allows you to use a mobile app to send a message or drawing remotely to the box.

The heart on the front spins when a message is received, alerting the user that you have sent them something to brighten their day.

If that is a bit too sugary for your tastes, send your loved one a video shoutout from their favourite people via the Cameo app.

The site features celebrities from across numerous different genres, all of whom will send a personalised video message (for a fee).

For instance, does anything say Happy Valentine’s Day better than a ‘Woooooo’ from legendary wrestler Ric Flair? 

Let fate decide

If you’re in the mood for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day but can’t decide what to do, the Betway Date Night Decider has you covered.

This handy online tool helps to takes the stress out of the things by providing you with a three-step process to the perfect date.

Simply choose how much you want to spend, before spinning the wheel to determine the type of date you will go on. 

Powered by Betway

The categories include active, romantic, chilled and more, setting up the prospect of a great Valentine’s Day surprise.

You’ll then be provided with the opportunity to spin again, before being provided with suggestions of things to do in your area.

Don’t worry if the result doesn’t appeal to you – simply hit the ‘Try Again’ button until you land on something that suits your particular taste.

Get creative with games or movies

If your partner is a gaming fan there are plenty of options open to you for a creative gift on Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps there’s a new release that they’ve been eager to lay their hands on or a retro title they’ve been unable to find – both are great ideas for gifts.

Alternatively, for the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year you could purchase a subscription to game services like Humble Choice.

For anyone who wishes to steer their geeky companion away from their games console, a Valentine’s Day movie night is the answer to your prayers. 

From classics such as Jim Carrey’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, there are plenty of wacky yet romantic films you can watch together.

However, for the ultimate geeky Valentine’s Day film it has to be Field of Dreams because nothing is guaranteed to make you cry more than seeing Kevin Costner play baseball with dead people.