Geektown Radio: The Geektown Awards Launch Show – Vote & Win Now!

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01 Dec 20

Geektown Radio: The Geektown Awards Launch Show – Vote & Win Now!

It’s December, and here at Geektown, that means one thing – The Geektown Awards 2020 are now open for voting!

To launch this year’s awards and announce the nominations on this special episode of the Geektown Radio podcast, I’m joined by Matt from Entertainment Talk, and Gray, our film reviewer, to run through all the categories, and we’ll chat about which shows we think should win… along with which shows we think will win in the public vote!

As always with The Geektown Awards, we might give our opinions on the podcast, but the ultimate winners are up to you, the public. We want to know which tv shows you found yourself binge-watching until 3am or were glued to whilst you were stuck in lockdown. Which film you managed to venture out to the cinema to see, or enjoyed from your sofa on a streaming service. For the gamers, we want to know what you’ve played so much, you’re afraid to look at your “hours played” stats.

As the Awards have returned, so has the MASSIVE AWARDS GIVEAWAY, a huge box chocked full of geeky stuff to help may your 2021 a little geekier! And even if you miss out on winning the main prize, you’re still in with a chance to win our Mystery Box runner-up prize!

All you have to do to enter is head on over to the Geektown Awards page, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be entered into the Massive Awards Giveaway, alongside registering your votes for you favourite tv shows, film and games of 2020.


Geektown Radio: The Geektown Awards Launch Show – Vote & Win Now!

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