Online Gaming Platforms and Their Bonus System

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07 Jan 21

Online Gaming Platforms and Their Bonus System

The early days of online gaming were plagued with poor acceptance—the idea of paying online to play games that seem alien to many players. More so, many countries had strict regulations that prevented the processing of payments for online gaming platforms. At the time, not many people had access to computers like today, and so there was a limit to how people could use the service.

Due to these issues and more, online gaming platforms started by offering free games to their players. In no time, they became prevalent as the industry evolved alongside technological advancement.

Now that the industry has overgrown into a very competitive space, free games alone do not attract players. Online gaming platforms now use creative incentives in the form of bonuses to attract players to their platform to play games. These bonuses come in different kinds; examples include the no deposit bonus offers on IrishCasinoHEX.

In addition to that, there has been significant improvement in the quality of service rendered by these platforms. Today, many of them have varied payment options, including cryptocurrencies. Many of them do not just offer games; they also provide reviews to their players. That way, players can make the best of these games and also learn more about their games on these platforms.

In this article, you will see a few of these platforms that are the best.


Steam is an online distribution platform for video games that was created in 2005 by Valve. It is one of the biggest and oldest of its kind in the gaming industry. At the start, Steam was created for developers at Valve to update their multiplayer games without disturbing their players. Today, that platform has evolved into something bigger. Steam now has a massive collection of games, a steam library, a thriving community, and support.  They always offer seasonal discounts to most of the game.

Humble Bundle

The humble bundle is an excellent platform to play games, just like Steam. Just like the name, the platform offers you great deals. They are particularly popular due to their unique bonus system that they call the indie bundles. When you pay for these bundles, you get to decide how much goes to you, while the rest goes to the developers and charity.

Over the years, their collection has grown to include games of different types. You have PC games, Android games, and even eBooks on games on their website. They also boast of bundles from big publishers like Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, and many more.

Besides, the platform has a store that sells many titles at very affordable prices. Sometimes, once a month, you could get discounts. For instance, on the first Fridays, the store gives you a $12 discount on all its games. Humble bundle and its store support DRMs like Steam and DRM free games


Origin remains one of the oldest platforms after Steam. Like Steam, the platform was formerly for installing and launching Electronic Art games. Later on, the service evolved into an online catalogue for developers to list their games instead of just EA games alone.

There are games from Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Warner Bros on the platform today. Origin has better experience compared with most of its competition. Their customer service is top-notch, and they attend to you in just a moment of reaching out to them. But then, that’s not their big selling point.

Every month, players using Origin are given a bonus. That is, they get to play a free game of their choice courtesy of the house.

Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate is a gaming distribution platform that offers straight game keys and direct downloads for DRM-free titles. They do not have a broad section of games like you will find around with others, especially if you are looking for new titles from Activision, Blizzard, EA, and Square -Enix. But then, they have a Blue Coin reward system that anyone will enjoy.

As a customer on the platform, you earn digital credits from every one of your purchases. These credits called Blue coins can be used in place of real money whenever you intend to pay for games or other digital assets on the platform. You also get bonuses whenever you participate in the community; that is when you give answers to topics or post reviews about games on the platform.


It is a platform that offers a webstore interface and downloads keys for major PC publishers. In addition to that, they have a dedicated Windows Client where you can download directly using their peer-to-peer system.

They have a unique advantage over most platforms like them; that is, their games can be rented. That is, users get to download the games for less and play the game for 30 days. With the rentals, players can have access to their games by having their internet on all the time, and they can share the service on up to two devices. The only problem, however, is that their gaming collection is limited at the moment.

They also offer a VIP subscription that costs $10 a month. With this subscription, players can have access to their extensive library of older games on Android and PC