8 Tips for a Great Date at a Casino

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08 Feb 21

8 Tips for a Great Date at a Casino

One of the most difficult things about dates lies in selecting the date ideas to go with. It is very difficult, and sometimes very expensive to find something impressive – something which requires that you dress properly and which you can go on with no matter the weather. However, you are very lucky because we have taken care of that for you. This is because the perfect and most fitting romantic date could be achieved at the casinos, where you will have a lot to do, enjoying a huge fun, while dressed to impress.

Casinos are only reserved for special occasions these days and a lot of people choose to gamble online. At csgobettor.com you can find a selection of real money and skins gambling sites. The good news is, whilst more people are playing online, you’re likely to have a less crowded casino to take your date to!

If this is your first-ever casino date, you shouldn’t worry because we have gathered together the tips that will make it a memorable one, only thing is, you should stick to the tips.

Dress to Impress

These days, casinos have more relaxed dress codes throughout the week. But if your date is happening on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll still need to impress with the dressing. Of course, you are looking at having another date with this person after the first one, so the dressing matters.

Some general rules of thumb are applicable when dressing for a casino outing. They include the rule of not wearing shorts or t-shirts during the night hours. Also, endeavour never to go out with worn-out clothing. To decipher the best dress for the occasion, you need to look into the venue. How nice the venue is determines the look. So you have to dress up more if the venue is very nice.

For men, our suggestion is a button-down shirt, while women are better off with a formal top/dress or a blouse. If you intend to get to a nightclub or lounge in the same resort, then you may have to go with a slightly different dress code. However it is, you should conduct a serious check before you visit.

Explore and Exploit The Bar

Most of the casino newbies do not know that most of the casino complexes offer drinks on the house whenever you are on the gambling floor. If you are playing at the casinos, you must take advantage of this. When you start the date with a drink, nerves will calm down and the discussion will go better. Also, you will most likely spend a lot of money on bets, and the casinos gain huge money from these, so, getting a few free drinks from them won’t be a bad idea.

Design a Budget

Many people may see this as boring and over flogged, but you don’t have to let a very nice evening slip into a disaster because you’ve spent more than you ever budgeted or could afford to. In the words of Mike Tan from Online Casino Gems, to enjoy an amazing date, budgeting is very essential. His suggestion is that you should engage in a very reasonable discussion about budgeting before you arrive at the venue and before getting drenched in alcohol. This may eventually be the savior of the evening. The best way to do this is to set a budget together and ensure that a gambling pot of chips is created. Let the selecting of games revolve around the two of you in a turn by turn manner, and quit once you’ve exhausted the chips. However, you shouldn’t get your date worried about incurring losses. The collective budget should involve an amount that two of you can afford to lose. This takes the pressure away from both of you.

Look For Casino Events

To enjoy a very unique casino experience, you should search for casino events and shows scheduled for the night. They may include live performances from singers, theater performances, dance arts and other forms of entertainment. This way, you can watch and enjoy fun and entertainment out of the money you are paying for gambling.

Keep Your Phone Far Away

Though you may have the desire to get some selfie with your date or to take a cheeky snap of your date while it’s on or reply to a friend’s text asking about the date, most of the casinos have rules against coming in with technology. For many, the rule says that it should be kept away if it has a screen.

You can easily drop your phone in your pocket and pay full attention to your date, because you will even enjoy a casino date more than you would a cinema date. You will enjoy more fun from the thrills of the gambling moment than creating a collage of it and uploading on Instagram.

Play the Slot Machines

A date night with infinite fun at the cheapest rate would mean taking on slot games. These come with the same intensity as the table games, and you can play as a pair with your date without breaking any rule. Apart from that, the number of machines to play is very many, and they come with varying themes like ice hockey, Jurassic park, video games, etc.

When you play video games, you’ll get to communicate with the dealer a lot, but this will reduce the amount of time you have to communicate with your date. So, you’ll need to swap things up a little, so as not to have any dull moments, and it helps you to get some moments of relaxation, and to keep the conversation flowing too.

Show Confidence

Most times, the gambling luck comes with confidence. Now, even when you do not know what you are doing at the tables, a disposition that reveals that you know what you are doing will prevent other players from taking advantage of you. Also, whether you are doing the wagers at the blackjack table or sitting and sipping by the bar, your date will be attracted by the fact that you exude some degree of confidence in your surroundings.

You also have to remember that the general rule says that you should act properly in the casinos, pointing out some things that are prohibited. The casinos look very glamorous at night, so you have to have your manners in mind, make the best of the experience, and take good care of your date.

Don’t Fail to Tip

It will appeal to your other half very much if you are nice to the staff, and this helps to put a smile on the faces of the casino staff because they look forward to the tips. Majority of them work on minimum wages, and stay up till deep into the night.

When they bring drinks to you, tip them, when you win at the tables, tip them at least 10% of your winning. This generosity will go a long way in helping them and it will also impress your date. All through the night, and when next you are around, the staff will give you a very nice treatment.