What Were the Most Played Mobile Games 2020

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01 Mar 21

What Were the Most Played Mobile Games 2020

Dating back to the early 1900s, and invented by Eric Tigerstedt, mobile phones have since then become a necessity. From providing us with easy communication to any part of the world to making entertainment instantly accessible, they have done it all. Over the years, advancements in the sets have led to people replacing radio, TV, and even cameras because a single mobile phone has it, just a touch away.

Earlier times were simple, and many people from the earlier generation may call this current era of computers ‘complicated’, but the reality is, these computers have made life a lot easier. It has reduced most of the manual work, providing automation for every task, and has given us just the right solution for killing boredom. This includes accessing songs and movies over Netflix and also mobile games.

Mobile Gaming

No person can live without a mobile phone these days, simple as that. From people in their old age to children, everyone requires it for their specific needs. The young ones, in particular, admire the feature of gaming. In fact, it is also famous amongst the adults now, with the launch of high-tech gameplay and striking graphics in games like, PUBG, which now holds international competitions and a huge fan base.

While there is no denying the thrill of playing on popular gaming platforms such as the PlayStation and Xbox, mobiles often win in the accessibility area for being portable. The games require no discs, and are either played online or downloaded on the phones, so the players can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.

The Most Played Games of 2020

Every year has its game, with some hits still going strong, while others faded, and were overtaken by new releases. The year 2020 however, was a strange one. It goes down in history as the year of severe pandemic, the results of which forced the entire world to shut down and stay confined to their houses. In such times of difficulty, the Internet came to our rescue, providing online platforms for resuming work, communication, as well as entertainment. The gaming companies too, worked harder than ever to ensure that gamers did not feel left out. Thus, here are some of the most played games of the year:

  • PUBG mobile – Ranking as the world’s no.1 mobile game, it is the most played title in around 100 countries. The gameplay is simple, standing out as a winner on the battlefield, but of course, that has variations. The players get to play alone, as a duo, or in teams of four to compete against millions of other players and teams from all over the world. It rose to fame instantly, becoming an obsession of people of all ages, and engaging them in shooting battles.
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition – The non-mobile version is widely popular in many parts of the USA for the last few years. Thus, the mobile version was inevitable. It finally launched in 2020, winning the hearts of its fans and giving them a new platform to play on. The gameplay is no different than the other versions, and also includes different playing modes to choose from.
  • Call of Duty: mobile – One of the oldest, and widely loved battlegrounds, is now on mobile. Having been launched a while ago, the game received praise from a majority of the critics and even landed as the most addictive game back in 2019. The new updates in the mobile version also brought along exciting modes, such as playing among zombies.
  • Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall –  Certainly every country remembers the hype of Game of Thrones, the hit TV series about the fight for the throne between knights, kingdoms, and even dragons. It took over the world, sending the fans in despair when it finally ended. Yet, game makers understood the frenzy, and launched a mobile game in March 2020, allowing the fans to get on the virtual journey of the kingdoms.

What Makes a Game Popular?

While the popularity of any game differs from country to country, depending on the mutual interest of the residents, these few general aspects make it likeable all around:

  1. A catchy narrative – No one enjoys a vague game, with no background on the character, whereas everyone loves a good story and character development process.
  2. Realistic graphics – Some high-end graphics will earn any game good reviews. Even those who do not like games, praise it when the graphics are shockingly good.
  3. Marketing – The most common, and effective way of gaining fame is to advertise the game. Thus, companies who know the tricks of successful marketing, eventually lead their games to the top.
  4. Collaborations – Sometimes, when advertisement alone is not too helpful, collaborations can certainly win. Featuring famous artists, soundtrack in the game, and streaming it online can result in instant fame.

Mobiles Casinos

When the entire world turned online, it applied to casinos as well. Gamblers found solace in online games, including some of the best mobile casinos and online slot machines. The trend of virtual gambling went viral in no time, encouraging many experts and even newcomers to give it a try. While these versions do not promise the thrill and alluring atmosphere of a physical casino, it does not leave behind the playing part. Most of these casinos provide a simulation that creates a realistic environment and features prizes like huge jackpots, free spins, a high win percentage, and multiple exciting bonuses.

Studies predict mobile gambling to gain even more popularity in the times to come, thus generating great revenue for the gambling sector. Needless to say, mobile versions have provided immense comfort. The games are easily accessible from any part of the world, which is a huge advantage considering the strict gambling laws in certain places. Other than that, playing from home also saves a lot of time and money, which is otherwise used in transporting to the physical locations. After all, what is a better way to enjoy your favourite title than playing it from your most comfortable couch?