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Tips to help beginners play FC 24 better

by Jason Smith

FIFA 24 is a football simulator that regularly receives updated rosters and allows all fans to compete with each other in virtual football matches for FC 24 coins and simply personal prestige and league level.

Each match will follow the same format, but the result will depend on your playing composition and ability to play, as well as your understanding of tactics and strategy.

What you should pay attention to in order to win more matches


Before each match and directly in it, you will form your strategy for the entire game with the ability to change it at any time.

Typically, the gaming system offers you the standard 4-3-3 format.

This is a formation without a noticeable advantage with an emphasis on both defense and a good attack with the support of midfield, and at first you don’t have to change this formation, because it is balanced, but gradually you can start experimenting when you see that for your current matches it no longer suitable.

5-4-1 is a defensive strategy that can be switched to at any time. When you play against obviously stronger opponent with a better playing composition.

If you switch to a defensive formation, then the enemy will need to spend a lot of energy to get past your team and score a goal, and you just need to stand tightly and knock the ball out every time you try to break through the defense and not break the formation with jerks of individual players.

4-4-2 is a similar strategy that emphasizes controlling the midfield rather than attacking, or going all the way to goal. This is usually a strategy for flank counterattacks and quickly launching forwards to seize the initiative if the enemy has pulled the majority of their team’s players into the attack.


You can choose your own playing style and mood for each match and stick to it.

Tactics can be aggressive, intuitive, defensive-attrition, or standard.

  1. Aggressive tactics are constant pressure and winning back the ball almost immediately, but you need to remember that it wastes a lot of effort from all the players who are involved in the selection, which leads to their exhaustion and the need for replacement. The advantage of this tactic is that the opponent cannot relax at all and constantly makes mistakes playing under pressure so that your players can take advantage of this. The downside of the tactic is that with aggressive tackling, there is a high chance of getting a free kick, a yellow card, or even a penalty and being sent off the field, so act assertively, but wisely.
  2. Intuitive tactics is a skill that is developed with experience, but such opponents are the most dangerous, because you can easily get a couple of balls from them and lose FC 24 coins in just a couple of minutes. Everything is simple here – the player himself feels when he needs to seize the initiative, and when, on the contrary, he should give it up and lure many players into his half of the field in order to carry out a counterattack. This comes with experience from the number of matches and good performers, players for cheap FC 24 coins do not always play a role, because in a series of passes you can lead your forward to attack and score a goal.
  3. Defensive-attrition is a type of game when you are not particularly eager to attack and constantly keep the ball in your possession in order to lure your opponents to it and force them to waste their energy. If you do everything competently and carefully, then by the middle of the match your opponent will have a severely exhausted team and simple substitutions will not improve the situation much. Of course, no one forbids you to go on counterattacks and seize the moment for profitable plays, because the main goal of tactics is to weaken the enemy and force him to make mistakes and act aggressively, which will certainly lead to the loss of the overall strength of the team and to new penalties in your favor.
  4. Conventional tactics mean that you attack constantly, but without fanaticism, or roll back under strong pressure. This is somewhat similar to an intuitive tactic, but due to the lack of experience and a large number of matches behind you, you will simply play and gain it.

Free kicks

If you managed to earn a free kick on an opponent’s foul, then this is your chance to score a goal, especially if it happened close to the opponent’s goal, or at least in his half of the field.

The main thing here is not to overdo it with the force of the blow, and not to punch directly if the distance is too great.

When you implement a standard position, you need to do two things:

  1. Point the player in the direction you are going to shoot and visually adjust him so that he is looking at the point of impact, for example, the upper left corner of the goal.
  2. Calculate the force based on the strip that will be filled. Remember that it will not come back and if you press it all the way, the ball will literally fly into the sky. Take into account the distance and hit hard, but without bending, it is enough to fill the scale by 60-75% for a good and tight shot that will be difficult for the goalkeeper to take.


If the ball goes out of bounds from the opponent, then you can pick up the ball and throw it back into the field from that point. The bonus is that with such a shot, offside is not taken into account, and you can even throw the ball towards the opponent’s goal.


This is a format where the ball goes away from the opponent out of bounds beyond the goal line, and then the referee awards a corner.

It can be implemented in two ways – with a canopy and a play pass.

To confuse your opponent, when you want to play through a pass, call the player to do this at the very last moment, and the rest of the time pretend that you are going to hit with a cross.

Crossing is an advantageous option because a tall player has every chance to transfer the ball towards the goal and score a goal.


There is no need to dwell too much on this play for almost 100% of the scoring chances – you only need to choose the side to hit, and the opponent can only guess. Everything will be decided by chance and the strength of the shot on goal, and if you are playing together, then hide your hands so that your opponent does not see what button you are pressing, otherwise he will easily parry this shot.

Spend and earn FC 24 coins

In online mode, there are no playing rosters according to the current contracts of the selected club, as happens in career mode. Instead, you have a first random lineup and the motivation to constantly get the best players for your gameplay in order to constantly grow in terms of ranking and get more wins than draws or losses.

FC 24 coins can be obtained for winning matches, completing tasks, participating in events and tournaments.

It is extremely important not how you earn coins, but how you spend them.

You need the best players, but the most important thing is the parameters they have. You should not chase famous names or the best clubs, but watch out for speed, teamwork and accuracy. The faster a player is, the more dangerous chances he can create, chemistry affects the quality of interaction with his teammates, and accuracy affects passes, crosses and shots on goal.

You can get players through a system of cases and cards, which come in bronze, silver and gold, and in FIFA 24 they can also be upgraded using points received for in-game tasks.

Constantly update your playing roster through events, and get random cards, or buy specific players from other players through the transfer window system, just like in real football.

Conclusions on improving gaming skills and earning FC 24 coins in FIFA 24

FC 24 is a full-fledged football simulator, in which you will play for your favorite club, but will receive random players who need to be improved or replaced as your club and gaming skills develop.

To earn FC 24 coins, you need to win matches against other players, complete tasks, and participate in events from EA Sports.

To improve your level of play, you need to master various tactics and strategies to surprise your opponent and constantly improve your game. You learned most of it from this guide, but in addition you can watch tournaments and top players to get detailed explanations and see performance in practice.

Also master the execution of all standard positions and situations from which you can benefit and try to score the ball. You need to master the throw-in because it ignores offsides, corner kick options and free kicks and of course – the tasty morsel for all football fans that always tickles the nerves – the penalty kick.

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