Is the End of the World Coming?

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10 May 17
Is the End of the World Coming?

Is the End of the World Coming?

It seems that the human race is always obsessed with when the world will end. Whether it be an asteroid heading towards Earth or the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, it seems the apocalypse is near. The question is how will it happen, and who will cause it?

There are even odds available on how the world will end, but thankfully we seem to have escaped them so far. We’ve even had two world wars, one including the use of nuclear devices and we’ve made it through. We can’t forget of course at what cost that was, with up to 80 million lives taken in just World War 2. This is of course why we tried to make it the war to end all wars, but will it stay that way?

Some things are out of our control, such as pandemics. It seems that every year a new outbreak is predicted and the latest Superbug is going to hit and kill us all. There are chances that this will happen, but thankfully with modern medicine, the ones that have flared up have been handled and cured. The day may come though that a cure is not found soon enough and then the trouble will come.

Another danger that is out of control are natural disasters. With super volcanos in areas such as Yellowstone having the power to cause untold chaos around the world, what if one was to go off? That is before we add in the possibilities of another ice age, earthquakes, and of course global warming changing the water levels around the world, we have a troubled future ahead.

Looking to the more fantastical reasons for an apocalypse there are of course the monsters. Watchers of The Walking Dead will of course point to the dangers of zombies decimating the human race, and if there was some kind of pandemic that could cause this, it seems to be a possibility. It is doubtful though that whatever could turn humans into flesh eating monsters would actually kill them first.

Fans of Godzilla and King Kong will of course point to the world of the Kaiju and say that the monsters will return to kill us all. This seems unlikely, so I don’t really think we’ll have to worry about Godzilla stomping our homes to dust anytime soon. This form of apocalypse will more than likely stay on the movie screen.

So, how do you think the world will end? It seems more than likely these days that the actions of world rulers like Donald Trump is what really worries us. Will his actions against North Korea be the tipping point towards an apocalyptic war? Hopefully not, but who knows on this crazy little planet we call Earth.