Various casting news about Sky Living/NBC’s Dracula

The last fews weeks have seen a few bits of news about the new Sky/NBC co-produced Dracula series appear on the interwebs, so I thought […]

Magnum P.I. and his glorious moustache.

Top Ten TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies

When you’re looking through the cinema listings desperate for something great to watch, but feeling slightly let down – do you ever wish they’d make a […]

Walking Dead T-Shirts

New The Walking Dead T-Shirts!

We’ve just had some news that our friends over at Honcho have got themselves a brand new line in official t-shirts based around The Walking […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Crysis 3 – Coming 22nd February 2013

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In Crysis 3, it’s 2047, and Prophet has returned to New York, albeit an NYC now encased in a nanodome which has turned the […]

Reviews: Terrapin Leather Flip Case for iPhone & Bumper Case for Galaxy S3

Terrapin Leather Flip Case for iPhone
The Terrapin flip case, black, lined with ivory coloured leather looks very smart and more importantly nice and strong and […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates


Bruce Willis returns in his most iconic role as John McClane – the “real” hero with the skills and attitude to always be the last […]

About A Boy - TV Show

Latest List of TV Pilots Coming in 2013/14

The American television landscape is quite regimented, and it is at this time of year when their networks starts assessing their current shows. Some cancellations […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Lizard Lick Towing Comes To Dave…

As you may have realised, we generally don’t do ‘reality’ tv here at GeekTown, however, when the program takes place in a town as ridiculously named as […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Most Anticipated TV Show, Film, and PC Game for 2013!

It’s the final set of awards for this season, and aptly, it’s the ‘Most Anticipated’ awards! Which TV shows, films and PC games are our […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Film of the Year!

Next category today is Film Of The Year… Awards… Assemble!

6th – The Amazing Spider Man
5th (Joint) – Argo
5th (Joint) – Prometheus 
4th – The Hobbit: An […]

GeekTown Award Winners : PC Game of the Year!

It’s time for part 2 of the GeekTown Awards, and this time we’re kicking off with PC Game of the Year, as voted for by […]

GeekTown Award Winners : British TV Show of the Year!

It’s the last of the TV show categories. All rise and wave your Union Jacks for the British TV Show of the Year!

6th (Joint) – Being […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Comedy or Musical

The next category to be announced is Best TV Show of the Comedy or Musical genre. 1, 2, Shimmy shimmy, and 3, 4… Jazz hands!

6th […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Drama

The 3rd category we’re announcing in the GeekTown Awards is Best TV Show – Drama!
Lights, camera… and action!

 7th – Strike Back – Sky 1
6th – […]

GeekTown Award Winners : Best TV Show – Fantasy/Supernatural

For the next GeekTown Award Winner, we delve into the dark and spooky world of fantasy and the supernatural… This was a really hard-fought category, and […]