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“Ghost Rider” reviewed!

by Daryl


Well, I’ve just come home from seeing Marvels’ latest comic-book adaption, Ghost Rider. No doubt people have seen the adverts on tv or on the cinema of this anticipated movie. Nicolas Cage stars as Johnny Blaze who sells his soul to the Devil and is cursed to become a demonic riding Bounty Hunter.

Well, I really like Nicolas Cage (in my opinion his best role was Caster Troy in “Face-Off”), and I enjoy the character of Ghost Rider, his dark approach. Sadly this movie has been toned down a bit due to its (12a) certificate, and therefore the violence and content is less than satisfying in parts. Plus, for some reason Johnny Blaze now drinks Martini glasses full of Jelly Beans… a strange twist, which I’m told was conceived by Mr Cage himself… ok… lol

The special effects are much better than the original screenshots that leaked of the movie last year during its production, and I really can only fault the first time he changes, as I almost burst out laughing.

Its far from the best comic book movie made, and its not the worst either (The Hulk). Unfortunatly I have to say though, I enjoyed the adverts for Spider-man 3 and 300 more than I did the film!

Go see it, but don’t expect a great movie, its a simple, brain off and popcorn movie.


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