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Paterson Joseph The New Doctor Who?

by Dave Elliott

After David Tennant made his announcement in October that he was leaving Doctor Who, there’s obviously been an awful lot of speculation over who will be the 11th Who… However, actor Phillip Rhys while being interviewed on E24 about the new series Survivors, mentions the other people starring in the drama, and makes this very interesting slip of the tongue…


Paterson Joseph the new Doctor Who?

Is it me, or is that the look of a man thinking, “oops, i really should have said that!” Maybe its nothing. Maybe its something. I suspect we won’t find out for sure until the new year.

For those that don’t know the man in question, here’s a photo, and a link to his wiki and imdb pages. Personally i think he’d be a really good choice. He’s a great charismatic actor, and he’s no stranger to scifi. He’s also well know and respected at the Beeb, but not a massive film name like some of the names that have been linked with the role. Would seem like a really good fit.

So, what do you think? Paterson Joseph for the 11th Doctor Who?

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