World of Warcraft Stole My Life: Second Skin

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24 Nov 09

We’ve been a little lapse in our gaming news recently due to the massive amount of movie related stuff that’s been coming our way. However, this interesting little documentary popped up on Current TV‘s schedules, and i though it was worth a plug. It’s a look at some of the 11.5 million players behind World of Warcraft, from your average WoW player, to veteran guilds like ‘The Syndicate’ (which gets 4000 applications a year). It also looks at the more extreme parts of the culture, from people in Warcraft rehab to the Chinese gold farmers. Either way, if your a WoW or other MMO player, it should be worth a watch.

World of Warcraft Stole My Life: Second Skin airs on Current TV (Sky 183, Virgin 155) 11pm tonight (Tues 24), and is repeated 11.30pm on Friday (27 Nov) & 10pm on Sunday (29th Nov).